Jan. 18th, 2016

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I was surprised to realise that I haven't updated what's happening here since early December, so...

I have been applying for jobs, although none have yet borne fruit. I'll admit to being a little disheartened at times. I am hitting the issue that I was expecting: I don't have quite the right level of experience for many of the jobs I'm applying for and the fact that my job has been officially as a Solutions Architect but I've mainly been doing Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis is biting me on the bottom a bit. It is a bit depressing when I know that I have good skills (they wouldn't have kept me on for 14 years while making most of my peers redundant if I didn't), but I'm struggling to sell that to other people.

On the plus side, I'm getting a few jobs a week that are worth at least considering applying for and I've also had a few enquiries from agencies about contract roles. As I've noted before, I can't really consider that until closer to my leaving date (which has been confirmed as 29th February - or 'work for free day' as I like to think of it...), but at least I'm already getting some interest.

I have to keep reminding myself that we did plan this and knew that there was a chance I wouldn't have a job sorted before my leaving date, so not to panic or get depressed about it!

As for work, including today I've got 3 weeks, then I'm on Jury Service for probably 2 weeks and then I've got just over a week once I get back (assuming I don't have to do more than 3 weeks Jury Service!) I'm mainly concentrating on handover of the HR stuff right now, which is about as painful as expected. I have to keep reminding people that while it is my job to pull together documentation, help sheets and do any training that's required, it's not my job to choose who should be covering all the things I have been looking after!

I have had some project work to do (Gap Analysis mainly), but this is easing off. In fact I have the weird situation of having zero meetings scheduled this week so far! I can see that within a couple more weeks I will effectively be on a sort of 'Gardening Leave' as I will have finished all the things I have to do and they are not going to give me any more work to pick up.

I'll be honest, even though the 3 months notice period feels like it's passing more quickly than it has at previous jobs, I am getting to the 'I just want to be gone' point now.

Onwards! Send me positive vibes :-) 


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