Feb. 21st, 2016

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1. I have a telephone interview for the job at OUP on Wednesday! I've no real expections that this will go anywhere, but it's the most positive response I've had for a while. Inevitably I've been having occasional panics about the job hunting. I'm trying to remain as positive as I can but I just wish I was finding more jobs I can apply to. There's an awful lot that it just isn't worth starting with. I am, however, trying to train myself into not feeling that I have to have 100% of the requirements in the advert to apply. I did try applying to something that I fit 90% of, but the one requirement I didn't have (someone with SQL Server skills was) a deal-breaker, unfortunately. Onward.

2. Related to that, it's my last full week in the old job next week! This notice period really has gone very fast. I only went into the office one day last week, the rest of the time I've essentially been on Gardening Leave; I have been going through emails and documents and making sure that anything that might be useful to someone else is filed where they could get at it. I've also been taking the opportunity to grab some documents I wrote so that I can put together a sort of portfolio of my work.

3. I've finally got around to sorting my review blog out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd decided to cancel the hosted site as I wasn't updating it often to justify the cost (especially now.) So the blog is back to http://bookzombieblog.wordpress.com from today. It's in a fairly bland basic layout at the moment but I'll probably tweak that later.

4. We've started a rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently - currently about a third of the way through season 2 (my favourite season overall) - and really enjoying it. There'll probably be a post about this on the review blog at some point, but there really are some things it does very well. Of course with nearly 20 years (gulp!) hindsight there are things that really don't work for me as well; for example Xander's continuous lusting after Buffy in the first couple of seasons gets really creepy really quickly, but also Willow's yearning after Xander starts to feel increasingly problematical (he's no more obliged to fall in love with her than Buffy is to fall in love with him.) Also the passage of time has made it so much more noticeable how incredibly whitethis show is.

5. As friends who also read P.'s LJ will know, her mum is not well at the moment. She had a (fairly minor) operation but there have been some complications that have meant she hasn't recovered as quickly as was hoped. P.'s dad is struggling to cope (he's not young and has had his own health issues), so P. and her sister have been organising spending some time helping out once her mum gets out of hospital. Alas, our parents are getting to the age where they need a bit more help than they used to...


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