Jul. 10th, 2016

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So the weeks since I last wrote have been horrible at a national and international level. I'm still pretty angry about Brexit, but at the same time I have to get on with normal life.

So on that note, I've now completed my first month at Oxfam. On the whole it's going pretty well. I'm deeply involved in two of my three current projects (and the third is in a brief hiatus while a new PeopleSoft programmer is recruited.), though I've been having to learn more about integration methodologies than I'd previously needed to!

Most of the people are very nice, and I've now met the one person several people warned me would be difficult and yeah, I can see why. The person concerned heads up the development team and is incredibly protective of the PeopleSoft development team. But as a Technical Design Authority I have to sign off any designs for the projects I'm assigned to, which she ain't particularly happy about. But I've met people like her before and I've usually found a way to make the relationship work, so I'll just have to give it time and patience.

The whole company was pretty much in mourning for a couple of weeks after the murder of Jo Cox, who was a liked and respected Oxfam employee before becoming an MP. And as an international aid organisation, Oxfam is very concerned about the ongoing effects of Brexit. The CEO sent out a lovely note part way through the first day after the vote to reassure non-Brit employees that they are valued and loved. I was genuinely moved.

So, yeah, going okay so far! I am having to get used to the fact that things in Oxfam move rather slower than I'm used to, and my role is a bit more constrained than my old one; I particularly have to be careful I don't do the Business Analysts job for them - I'm so used to having to do everything!

In other news, we managed to win the annual Andover Musical Theatre Company quiz on Friday (no-one was more surprised than we were!) The downside is that we have to write the next one...

And next Saturday we are going to the Farnborough Airshow after P. won VIP tickets in a company draw. Free food at her company marqui and everything :-)


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