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Job hunting is continuing. I got a call from an agency that specialises in non-profit organisations last week about a job for Oxfam. A bit different profile from some of the other jobs I've applied for but looks varied, interesting and fairly challenging. Agent tells me that my profile is the strongest they've seen so far and they will almost certainly want to see me. I'll take that with the normal pinch of salt, but encouraging none-the-less.

Still no news on the bluewolf job. Sigh.

On Sunday we had our first full run through of Sister Act, our latest production with the musical theatre group. It was a bit scrappy (and several people were still not 'off book'), but overall it was okay. I can't remember whether I've said it here, but I'm playing Pablo, one of the sidekicks of the villain, and most of my dialogue is in Spanish! So that's been a challenge. To help I've been playing with the Spanish lessons on the Duolingo app and really rather enjoying it. We've also got three people in the society who speak Spanish and have been helping me with the pronunciation. It's not going to be perfect, but it will do. It also means that I have to temporarily colour my hair for the run of the show. We're going for a medium brown - anything darker than that will look ridiculous with my pale skin tone - not a problem usually as I'd be wearing some stage makeup, but I don't want to look too ridiculous if I have any job interviews that week!

I've also been helping out with building the set more than I usually do, given that I've got more free time at the moment.

Snowy update: she's been absolutely fine since our scare a couple of weeks ago; you wouldn't know there was any sort of problem. Honestly, I'm actually more worried about Bob most of the time. He doesn't have any particular problems, by the way, just starting to look old and tired now. He still the one most likely to chase off invading cats!

I've just done a full rebuild of my PC as it was starting to take 15 minutes or more to boot up. I thought it might take a day or two, but it took all week (it took more than a day just to safely back up my current files!) The biggest issue I had is that I use MS Money for accounting and it is no longer supported. So the version I had the disk for needed a patch to be compatible with the saved files, but the automatic update server is now closed down. Eventually, I found the patch but it took a while. I also ended up finally upgrading to Windows 10 - there were a couple of things that just weren't stable after the upgrade - and it's working pretty smoothly, even with the couple of programs (including MS Money and bookcat) which officially aren't supposed to be compatible.

Mood-wise, I've had a few bad days. I had one of those telephone conversations with mum a couple of weeks ago, where she was panicking about maybe needing to get to hospital, but didn't just straight-out ask me if I could give her a lift. We had words...(and she didn't need the lift in the end after all.) But with everything together, I've frequently been on the edge of my emotions a lot of the time; while I'm fine generally it takes very little to make me cross or irritable. I had a go at our director for the show last week about how little rehearsal time we've had for the two big production numbers I have to do (we lost a rehearsal due to a mixup at the venue, which threw everything out) and it wasn't helped by her setting the finale and, saying dismissively that 'you all know that bit', forgetting that the men had never done it! Anyway, my complaints were not unfair - and she admitted that she'd dropped the ball on some of this - but I did overreact and it's not the first or last time in the last few weeks. So I'm trying to be better at the relaxing thing - as I've said before we'd planned for me taking a while to get another job so I really shouldn't be getting het up about it.
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