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Yep, so the cough has settled in for a protracted stay. I've been getting to sleep at around 4am and getting 3-4 hours sleep for the last 4/5 days. I think that must be the point at which my body says 'I don't care how much you want to keep coughing, I've got to get at least a bit of sleep.'

Normally, of course, this would just be a 'bugger' and you get on with it. The problem is that I'm playing a part in a show in which I am supposed to be singing falsetto (in a 'Bee Gees' sort of style) and, well, I just don't have any falsetto right now. It's not a disaster, most of my stuff is with other people - I only have about 3 lines that are just me singing (well, only 3 where it is supposed to be just me singing anyway!) and it sounds fine if I sing an octave down, but it's just really disappointing as I've worked very hard to get the singing style right.

My biggest worry right now, though, is that if my throat doesn't get a rest from the coughing then I might lose my voice completely before the end of the show. Trying not to stress about it (I'm pretty sure I've had this problem once before and got through it), but it's niggling at the back of my mind.

(No remedy suggestions, please! My throat is getting all the TLC that it can, but there's nothing in the world that actually stops you coughing - not even the so-called cough suppresents...)

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Date: 2016-05-13 01:48 pm (UTC)
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Hopefully you're past the worst now. I've had a lot of problems with voice loss over the years, so I really feel for you.

(In spite of your request, I'm going to give some pieces of advice. mainly, because I've been there and I know the difference between a cough and a COUGH)

1. Do not talk unless there is no other option. Save all your reserves for the singing. Talking makes the cough worse.

2. Glycerine. Won't stop it totally, but does sooth the throat and does help. It isn't a 'cough suppressant' but it does help break the cycle of coughing irritating the throat and the irritation then triggering more coughing. Dilute with warm water (and a little honey if you hate the taste) and keep on sipping it. buy a bottle of neat glycerine - don't bother with the stuff with other stuff mixed in with it.

3. Only if you are totally desperate. (and I do mean totally). Codeine. It works, but in my case at least, it causes constipation that is often a worse problem than the cough. You may (Or may not) need a prescription for it.

All other remedies are close to useless.

You now have my permission mutter about people who can't read....


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