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So I had my Oxfam interview today. My style was somewhat cramped by the fact that I am still suffering from the Cough from Hell (15 days since a full night's sleep and counting) and had almost completely lost my voice. I managed to croak my way through the interview and the presentation this morning, but by late afternoon I'd lost my voice completely. I'm definitely planning to have a complete rest the next couple of days!

Anyway, the interview itself seemed to go fairly well. Most of the two hours was taken up with the usual competency-based questions. I don't think my answers to a couple of them were terribly exciting, but had the advantage of actually being true. The presentation also seemed to go down okay as well - I was supposed to have 30 minutes, but we were running short of time so I had to skip through it in 15. That wasn't too bad as we had actually covered a lot of the material in the previous questions.

So it's just waiting now. They will be interviewing into next week, so I don't expect to hear anything until towards the end of next week. I was given to understand from my agent that they were only having face-to-face interview with me and one other person, but what they said either indicated that they were interviewing more, or that the other person isn't being interviewed until next week and they didn't want me to know that there was only one other person.

If I don't get an offer, I'm pretty happy that it's because I just don't quite fit the role, rather than because I didn't sell myself well at the interview. I will still be disappointed, because I'm really quite keen on this one,but I've done what I can.


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