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We saw comedian Simon Amstell at the Hexagon in Reading on Friday. He was funny in parts if not hysterical, although some jokes exceeded even my low standards of taste (Mr Amstell, where I come from we don't make jokes about rape). I love what he does on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but I think being able to see his face close up that deceptive 'little boy' charm lets him get away with stuff that you can't at a distance.

This weekend was the first weekend we have had completely alone for some weeks. And that was wonderful! There was some gardening, reading, tv (end of season one of Battlestar Galactica), food, computer games, drafting a review. Pottering stuff.

The weekend was nicely rounded off by possibly Bob's most disgusting present yet. I think I've mentioned before his tendency to munch on rabbits? Well last night he came in just as we were about to go to bed, with a disembowled rabbit in his mouth; seriously the head was whole, but all of the fur of the body was left with no insides. It was really quite grotesque. Honestly, if he'd told us he wanted a glove puppet we would have got him a glove puppet...

Tonight we have watched the first two episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which is, even by anime standards, completely barking (even with the video release which puts the episodes in (sort of) chronological order, which is different from the original broadcast order). It's possibly brilliant, certainly mad and we're looking forward to more!

And as the company share price continues to edge its way down, work is a bit sucky, but it's been worse. At least I'm getting my bonus this year!
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We watched the last Paranoia Agent DVD last night. I think it all made sense within the context.

So overall very well done with some nice ideas and some interestingly experimental episodes. Very much recommended.
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We watched the last 3 episodes last night. I can't talk about this without spoilers, so some comments and thoughts behind cut )

Haibane Renmei is a series that I would recommend to anyone, even if they are not fans of anime.
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Due to an unusual matching of release dates, a bumper selection of pre-ordered DVDs arrived in the post today:

The first 3 Doctor Who stories on DVD (I already know someone who will take my old VHSs of them off my hands!)
Two 'Studio Ghibli' disks - Pom Poko and Porco Rosso.
And finally the last part of Haibane Renmei. This is the one I am most excited about! Guess what we'll be watching this evening?!
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For all those that remember my rant from a week or so ago, Haibane Renmei volume 3 is now on its way!

I also discovered Anime-on-line, a UK specialist and so I now have a copy of the Haibane soundtrack album on the way.

P. if you're reading this, don't click! ).

And The West Wing Season 6 DVDs arrived a couple of days ago - okay they are not actually due out until Monday, but the up-side of is that if the stock arrives they send it out!

We've watched the first 5 episodes and very good it is so far.

Well, another couple of hours and we are off to see our friends John & Yvonne Meaney for the weekend. Of course, we're really going to see their new cats, but we haven't told them that... (John's book Paradox is now out in the 'States I believe?)
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I've had Haibane Renmei volume 3 preorder from since July.

Originally it was scheduled to come out on 3rd September. Then it was 10th September. Now it's 17th September.

Okay, so my problem is that volume 3 came out in the States nearly two years ago. Surely its just a case of changing the region coding (and getting the British Board of Film Classification to look over it I suppose). So why is it taking so long? I want to know what happens next! (And yes, I know I could get a multi-region DVD player)

Sometimes I'm not very patient...
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Just realised that I haven't posted anything apart from comments to others for a while.

So what's been happening? Well, P. is now almost fully recovered from her various lurgis.

Work continues to be rather frantic, although it should calm down a bit this coming week (file under 'famous last words'...)

Otherwise, things have been fairly quiet. I had one very annoying moment a week or so ago when the latest copy of Interzone arrived. I openened it up to the book reviews pages to find a review for the book I have just submitted a review for by someone else. Needless to say the reviews editor and I had words... (it seems it's not really Iain's fault: the main editor keeps sending people out to do reviews independent of Iain and not telling Iain about it).

Other than that I've been doing much reading and a certain amount of watching TV. Some capsule reviews may possibly follow but if not a quick recomendation to Anime fans. If you get the chance do watch an Anime series called Haibane Renmei. It is a beautifully produced tale about a young girl who is born (reborn?) from a cocoon in a city, with wings (and soon, a halo). She is one of the Haibane (pronounced High-ban-ay), or Charcoal Feathers. There are other Haibane in the city, all of them fairly young. They seem to be revered and protected by the townspeople (although they are expected to work) but are not allowed to leave the city.

The series is about the mystery of the Haibane and the city - where they come from and what it means. The story is spread over 4 disks (3-4 episodes per disk) and we have seen the first two. The third comes out tomorrow (it's been out for a year or two in the 'States I believe). The artwork is beautiful and the tone melancholy and the whole thing is quite fascinating. Not quite as instantly likeable as Fruits Basket but still worth catching.
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...just one of those crazy weeks.

On the good side, I had my quarterly review and ended up with a 'very good' for the third quarter running.

I managed to get to the gym 4 times during the week, which was better than I was hoping.

I've now read the first five volumes of the Fruits Basket manga (my first manga) and it is every bit as enjoyable as the Anime.

On the not so good side, it ended up being one of those weeks when I ended up working close to a day's worth of extra (unpaid, natch) hours.

I had to spend a few hours preparing to do a presentation to our Director which ended up being postponed.

P. was ill towards the end of the week which meant that we had to postpone our long-planned trip to see Andrew Butler in Canterbury. Still, it did mean that I ended up chatting to Andrew on the phone for almost an hour which I haven't done for ages.

It's going to be another fairly long week next week, workwise, with already 3 days with meetings booked to finish after my normal working hours. Sigh.

Never mind, a pleasant weekend so far!

This week

Jul. 3rd, 2005 06:52 pm
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Hi guys.

I'm very aware that I've had all these things in my head that I wanted to write about this week and I haven't got around to doing any of them. Such is life... Part of it has been that I was having one of my very tired weeks. I can't remember if I mentioned this here, but early in the year I discovered I had been suffering from Glandular Fever (Mononucleosis for my American friends). Luckily mildly, but it hasn't quite gone away. The main symptom is that some weeks I just about get through the days and then feel too tired to have the energy to do anything very much. This has been one of those weeks.

So a brief summary:
Finished Olympos by Dan Simmons which I had been looking forward to. I would sum it up as extremely entertaining at the same time as being complete tosh! I thoroughly enjoyed it though.

Work has been very busy and more than a bit stressful this week. I had to lead a workshop on Thursday and on Friday I presented a new appraisal system to half the department. This seemed to go pretty well. Unfortunately my favourite user has been making my life a misery, with more to come no doubt. Oh yes, and I've found out that I'm going to have some staff to manage. Bleugh!

Watched all of Fruits Basket on DVD. I definitely want to write more about this at some point. To sum up: we laughed, we cried, it made me think about family stuff and upbringing in a way I hadn't for a while. So I cried some more. I can't recommend this enough though. Now to read the Manga to find out the bits the Anime missed!

Watched bits of Wimbledon and Live 8.

Currently, just about finished reading (in PDF version) Cory Doctorow's latest (reviewing for Interzone. An odd one. I sort of like it, I think.

Anyway, I hope to have a bit more energy next week. I know I wanted to write about Fruits Basket and the recently finished Doctor Who series before I forget what I wanted to say!
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We saw very different films/episodes of series yesterday which just show the extremes, even within the realm of the fantastic.

Sin City review )

And for something completely different we have the the Anime Fruits Basket, recommended to P. by a colleague.

Fruits Basket review )


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