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Sorry, been a little bit unposty lately again. No real reason, just not much to say.

We are now only three weeks away from Thoroughly Modern Millie. We ran through the second act in full for the first time last night and it was a bit traumatic. For some reason a section of dialogue which had never previously caused me any problems went completely to pieces. How cross with myself I was probably a reflection of how tired I was feeling. All better now.

I've now become totally fed up with the speed of our broadband - several evenings in the last few days it has been almost unusable; even downloading an album from iTunes, which normally takes a handful of minutes just kept on hanging yesterday. Initially I was inclined to blame the new Vista-running pc, but when I tried the downloads first thing in the morning it was absolutely fine, so it's definitely the connection.

After taking advice from someone much more pc-savvy at work I have decided to move us to BT Broadband. Yes I know some people have had some issues but it will definitely be better than the creaky we are on at the moment. So just a bit of advance warning that the '' email address is likely to disappear in a week or two. I'll post something more definite nearer the time.

In general the new PC is behaving well. The Vista interface is a bit meugh but I'm getting used to it. The only thing that is driving me a bit potty is the excessive security measures. Yes, I want the best protection from outside interference I can get. But the internal security is ridiculous - there is only one user of the pc. I want access to everything on the pc. But the number of times I've had to f**k about with security settings to move things about in my own pc is winding me up!
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We did all the normal stuff like closing down the router and restarting it again and we were still having consistent drop-out.

Then yesterday I had the mad (mad I tell you!) idea to upgrade the firmware on the router (Netgear D834 if anyone is interested in that sort of thing) which, overall, seems to have helped with the drop outs.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped with the speed. It's a bit better right now than it was this afternoon, which was taking an age to do anything, but still fairly slow, particularly the patch that I'm downloading for City of Heroes which is sitting around the 6-7K/sec. P. is downloading the same patch with similar speeds.

So the question is, what is the root cause? I've checked the diagnostics on the router and it appears to be connecting at a good speed and not registering any issues. Our ISP is, which doesn't have a great reputation, but has been fine for us until the last few weeks.

I would guess that assuming the router is okay there are two possible issues:

1. It's just particularly heavy traffic at the moment (weekend, lots of people ordering Christmas pressies online, for example) so tough.
2.'s servers are stuffed.

If the latter, I'd have to seriously consider changing our service provider.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Techie help

Dec. 9th, 2007 03:02 pm
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I'm looking for a little advice for those of you who know more about broadband and related stuff than I do (which frankly doesn't take much!).

We have Virgin Broadband and have done for a couple of years now. Our PCs are wired (although we have a wireless router for connecting to downstairs consoles). Mostly it all works okay.

However, we seem to have a consistent connectivity problem. What seems to be happening is that every two or three attempts to connect to an internet address seems to fail. So, say, I go to the home page of my LJ and it's fine, but I go from there to my Friends page and I get a 'server not available' or 'cannot connect to server' message (it varies). If I refresh, usually it connects fine, though sometimes it make take a couple of refreshes.

Similarly if I check email, sometimes it will 'lose' the connection to the email server.

I'm guessing that this is probably something to do with the way our broadband is set up but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know where to start. Anyone got any ideas?


Dec. 2nd, 2005 10:08 am
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Yep, so I've got another cold. Felt rotten all day Wednesday and ended up spending Thursday in bed. And I slept about two-thirds of the day, which probably indicates that I needed the day off! The weather was spectacularly miserable - high winds and pouring rain almost all day - but there is something quite comforting about lying in bed, feeling slightly out of it with ferocious weather outside.

Anyway, today was booked as holiday anyway, so I'm not doing what I was planning to do today (trip to charity shop and bottle bank, perhaps making a start on the Christmas shopping) but I'm going to have another lop around the house day.

Incidentally, I'm also waiting for a delivery but of what, I don't know. We had a message on the answer phone a couple of days ago from someone who had been trying to make a delivery for two weeks but hadn't been able to find us! I know we don't have numbers on the wall (yet anyway; we've got them ready to put up) but the address is 'The Bungalow', 27 whatever. Next door is 25, we have a plate saying 'The Bungalow'. Not rocket science, surely!

I guess the delivery might be a birthday present from my brother-in-law, given he seems, unusually, to have forgotten it. So we've been thinking 'Allan's forgotten' while he's probably been thinking 'why haven't I had a thank-you call?'! Hey, ho!

Of course, we might have known what was going on a bit earlier if we had replaced our answer phone (we went broadband a few weeks ago and our old digital answer phone didn't like it - and yes, before anyone asks, we did have a filter on the line). No doubt one of my more technically-oriented friends will be able to tell me why ([ profile] whumpdotcom, [ profile] the_magician?)


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