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I got my car back today! Hoorah!

Driving home I'd remembered why I like it so much: smooth driving, comfortable seats, good sound system.

Then when I got home I checked and found that the log book (and associated instruction manuals) are missing.


On the phone again tomorrow then...

In other news I've been a bit tense today and I don't know why. Maybe something to do with being woken up at 4:50am by the pied wagtail flying around the bedroom that had been dragged in by a cat...?
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Okay, so last car crisis was the garage losing my car key, leaving me to come home and get another for them. This was about 18 days ago.

Towards the end of the last week I chased to find out when I would get it back (the one week fix has now taken 3 and a half). I was told that it should come back from the body shop Friday or Saturday and I should get it back on Monday.

Monday came and went.
Tuesday came and went.
Wednesday came and went.

So today I chased again and got a new person who was 'just filling in'. He said he would check what was happening. A little later he called to say that it was back with them and they were bringing it straight over. They would also take the hire car away at the same time.

Car duly arrived. Hurrah! I got in the car with the chap from the garage to drive it into the car park and, you know, park it.

Half way along one of the levels it splutters to a halt. Pause. "Um", says chap from garage, "it appears to have run out of petrol."

At that point I got close to losing my temper. I just got out of the car, told him I had to get back to the office. "Call me when it's sorted. I don't care what you do but I don't want to hear from anything until it is." And walked away.

This is blunt for me!

An hour or so later the Area Manager called (not the local Reading manager). Apparently when the body shop put it back together again they didn't do it right: it did have petrol but it would have leaked out.

He then went on to profusely apologise and say that there have been a number of problems with that branch, not just with my car, and that yesterday (Wednesday) he had suspended the manager, the assistant manager and one of the technicians.

So anyway, they took the car back to the body shop where the missing parts will be fitted and I should get it back tomorrow. The area manager promised me that I would not get it back until he was personally satisfied that it was fit for purpose.

To summarise:
Car was damaged when the garage picked it up for its service.
Garage also managed to lose my car park pass.
Didn't stamp service book.
Picked it up for repairs a day later than it was booked to be picked up.
Screwed up timing of picking up car against hire car arriving.
Lost the key.
Didn't keep me informed of when it would be ready.
When it did arrive petrol was empty due to parts not being fitted.

The adventure continues...

No cookie

Jan. 26th, 2009 07:57 pm
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Today 'no award for knowing ass from elbow' is won, for about the fourth time, by Nationwide Car Auto in Reading.

Awarded for:
1. In December, taking my car in for its service and a) scraping the side of the car on the way out of the car park, b) losing my car park pass and c) not stamping the service book.

2. Not turning up to collect the car for repairs on the original date set.

3. Mucking me about for two days until car was picked up, including not picking it up before the hire car arrived as you promised and thus leading me to incurr a small, but unneccessary car parking fee.

4. Today calling me at 10:00 to ask if I have a spare key as they have somehow managed to lose the one I gave them. Given you've had the car for nearly a week, what have you been doing in the meantime? Searching high and low in the hope that you won't have to call me and have me shout at you? It didn't work.

Present with no love.


I will be talking to the car lease firm about how they choose their servicing agents...
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I get a car through work. It's a complicated system but basically it's not strictly speaking a company car, more that I get the car through a lease company and my company pays me for it. But actually it's the same as having a company car except whose name is on the lease - Yell still pays for service and maintenance, etc.

Anyway, my Focus was due its service this week (last one before it gets replaced) and so I arranged for the local Ford service centre to pick it up. They performed the service and then called me and told me that it was ready but they couldn't drive it back because the two back tyres were illegal and so I had to collect it. So it's like this: the company that services the car are not authorised by the lease company to replace tyres. They won't let me arrange for KwikFit, who are authorised by the lease company to do the tyres, to do the tyres at the service centre site. This is what I believe is called a bloody stupid system.

So what they actually do is force me into the position where I have to drive the car illegally. Sigh.

Anyway, I got the car home and arranged to work from home the next day (Wednesday) to get the tyres done. But then KwikFit had to order the tyres and couldn't fit them until Friday morning. Sigh number two.

Friday comes and about 10:30 I had a call from the fitter saying 'I'm in Whitchurch but my satnav says I'm still 50 minutes away'. One short conversation later and it turns out that despite taking both my postcode and telephone exchange code, KwikFit still managed to send someone from their Reading depo out to the Whitchurch near Reading, rather than sending someone from the Basingstoke depo to us. Sigh number three.

Anyway, in the end they decided to send the guy who already had the tyres from Reading to us. But, honestly!

Shouldn't complain too much, I suppose; at least it didn't cost me anything.
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Despite only being a three-day working week, it still managed to be rather busy, and of course, stressful. You know, work would be so much better if just once in a while we had a day that wasn't completely frantic. I work in the IT department of a Yellow Pages company (in the UK of course, theYellow Pages company), for goodness sake; it's not like we are fighting fires or running the country or anything! Sigh.

On Thursday we had the first complete run through of My Fair Lady which went pretty well. Still a few rocky bits but nothing we can't sort in the next couple of weeks. I am cautiously optimistic.

The evening was slightly soured by passing a young lad in a hoodie who was standing in the middle of the road on the way back into Whitchurch. As we passed we noticed that he had blood running down his arm, so a quick telephone call to the police followed. We haven't heard anything since so I must assume he is okay. In retrospect we should have stopped, but my brain was really not engaged by that time.

Yesterday morning ended up being interesting. Just before I got to the A34/M4 roundabout I ran over a piece of metal debris in the road. A few seconds later my front left tyre was making interesting clunking noises. Luckily there is a service station right next to the roundabout so I was able to stick the spare tyre on and drive back home (the spare is one of those 'do not drive more than 80kph jobs). Tyre is now sorted!

And last night realised that Doctor Who has become truly mainstream when Mitch Benn sings a song on The Now Show about hoping Manchester United will win quickly tonight so that DW is not postponed until next week!
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It looks like I had developed an oil leak in my car a couple of days ago so, via our work car ownership scheme supplier, the RAC chap came out to look at it.

So, the reason oil was leaking was fairly straightforward - when it was last serviced a few weeks ago they didn't tighten up the sump plug properly. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

It was what he found when he jacked the car up that had our jaws hitting the ground.

When a new car is put on one of the big car transporters they put dampers on the suspension to stop it rocking about too much.

They were still there.

18 months after the car was delivered.

It has had two services since then and still no-one noticed.

This may explain why I keep feeling like my tyres are flat when they aren't and may (according to the RAC chap) explain why I had that little spin earlier in the year.

How could they not notice?!


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