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This weekend ended up being one of those that are just ... pleasant. Nothing really exciting or anything but just nice.

This is especially strange given that I ended up working for part of it. We had a 'go live' this weekend; I only had about 15 minutes worth of tasks to perform myself, but I took the opportunity to catch up on some design work (my current project, for reasons of resourcing, is about 3 weeks behind on design right now).

[ profile] pennski's parents turned up yesterday evening for the ritual exchange of presents. I was expecting them to stay for a quick bite to eat and a cuppa and they ended up not leaving till gone half 9, which means that we have not caught any of the Hogfather adaptation on yet. Still it's recorded to catch up with later.

I've also started to get my act together on exercise. Between long working hours recently and rehearsals (plus people keep bringing chocolates into the office...) I have put on a couple of pounds recently which I want to get rid of again as soon as possible (though Christmas is not going to help!).

We played quite a bit of City of Heroes on Saturday for the first time in ages. They have added the Christmas content which is silly, but fun. Keiron Greystoke now has some cute winter ear muffs in his costume colours! P's character has also been to the tailors to play with her costume; Anna Fedora now has a very fetching long leather, split-tailed trenchcoat, among other things.

I also gave Guild Wars a go yesterday. It's quite fun in a basic fantasy RPG sort of way.

A full and busy working week this week, alas...


Dec. 7th, 2006 06:50 pm
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I'm still in the office at 6:45 this evening, but no I'm not chained to my desk slaving away.

It's actually our team Christmas meal this evening and there really isn't any point in me going home, so I've just been pottering about, doing some bits and pieces but not exactly straining myself!

[ profile] pennski was supposed to be coming with me but alas she is not well, lying it bed at home with a horrible sore throat. It's it supposed to be her Christmas meal tomorrow night, but somehow I don't think that that is going to happen. Hey, ho.

Last year it was me that missed all my Christmas meals because I was ill, this year it seems to be P's turn.
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[ profile] pennski has returned so, as promised, here are a couple of pictures of our Christmas tree, with the full-on [ profile] pennski approach to decoration:

Honestly, there's a tree under there somewhere...
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Well, I went to work yesterday, spent the first three hours or so coughing and got sent home by my boss. How cool is that? I confessed that the only reason that I'd come in at all was because I'd only had a day sick less than 2 weeks earlier and felt guilty...

I'm in that stage of having a cough were if I don't speak and don't lie down I'm okay, but otherwise I start coughing uncontrollably. Hence I didn't get to sleep until gone 3am this morning. When the alarm went off at 6:10 I concluded that I wouldn't be going anywhere today ([ profile] pennski is away visiting old friend with new baby overnight). I've not been doing too bad today so providing I get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight I should be okay for work tomorrow - especially as my car is being picked up for a service and my team is going out for their Christmas lunch. Frankly this whole thing is starting to get me down a bit, especially as I'm going to miss yet another rehearsal tonight. Bah.

On a cheerier note, the Christmas tree is now up - we have photographs (especially for [ profile] littlebutfierce) which I will post when [ profile] pennski returns with the camera.

Oh yes, and you may have noticed that my LJ now has a title: The Inner Child Keeps on Growing. This is a comment [ profile] ddothill said to me at Mum's 'do' on Saturday. No, I can't remember exactly what it is I did to provoke it, but it seems appropriate enough!


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