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This weekend ended up being one of those that are just ... pleasant. Nothing really exciting or anything but just nice.

This is especially strange given that I ended up working for part of it. We had a 'go live' this weekend; I only had about 15 minutes worth of tasks to perform myself, but I took the opportunity to catch up on some design work (my current project, for reasons of resourcing, is about 3 weeks behind on design right now).

[ profile] pennski's parents turned up yesterday evening for the ritual exchange of presents. I was expecting them to stay for a quick bite to eat and a cuppa and they ended up not leaving till gone half 9, which means that we have not caught any of the Hogfather adaptation on yet. Still it's recorded to catch up with later.

I've also started to get my act together on exercise. Between long working hours recently and rehearsals (plus people keep bringing chocolates into the office...) I have put on a couple of pounds recently which I want to get rid of again as soon as possible (though Christmas is not going to help!).

We played quite a bit of City of Heroes on Saturday for the first time in ages. They have added the Christmas content which is silly, but fun. Keiron Greystoke now has some cute winter ear muffs in his costume colours! P's character has also been to the tailors to play with her costume; Anna Fedora now has a very fetching long leather, split-tailed trenchcoat, among other things.

I also gave Guild Wars a go yesterday. It's quite fun in a basic fantasy RPG sort of way.

A full and busy working week this week, alas...
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My City of Heroes character is now up to level 22 and I thought it was about time to form a Super Group.

So welcome to 'The Cake or Death Foundation', the motto of which is, of course, 'Cake or Death!'.

What, you expected us to take it seriously...?
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Yes, given the lack of brain for much else, I've been playing a fair bit of City of Heroes lately.

Keiron Greystoke is now level 21 and has a change of costume and a really groovy cape - see userpic(funny how you get attached to characters isn't it?).

I'm also giving EVE Online, a space trading-style MMORPG a go (think Elite with cooler graphics and more options). I'm enjoying it quite a lot so far, though travel between systems can be a little slow.

Yes, I have a rich and varied social life...
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Yes, Keiron Greystoke is now the Incomparable Keiron Greystoke as he hits level 15 at CoH. Woo-hoo! (Easily excited, me?). Actually I was more excited at level 14 when I got Keiron 'Flight' so that you could get from mission to mission without being destroyed by random powerful bad guys lurking on the way.

Having been playing for a few weeks now, the only really negative thing I would say about CoH is that they could do with a bit more variety on mission structure. There are basically just two - go through door and clear building of bad guys (with a few variations - disarm bombs, rescue hostages, etc) and clear a street are of a certain number of bad guys.

(And yes, [ profile] caball, I am slightly embarrassed to realise, looking back, that I have picked the same 15th level title as you did. I just liked the multi-syllabic alliterativeness of it. And, let's be honest, some of the other options were really naff!).
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Yes, I'm afraid a fair amount of the Easter weekend has been spent playing City of Heroes. Not only that but [ profile] pennski also seems to have succumbed (can't think how that happened...).

It's okay, I have done other things as well! Finally getting around to putting several years worth of read books in the right place on the shelves, for example.

And we are off to visit [ profile] flyingsauce in a while so we are actually getting out of the house!
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After a number of positive comments from various LJ Friends, I have finally decided to give a MMORP a go. After some thought I have settled on City of Heroes (yes, [ profile] cabell, it is your fault!). So we'll see how we go. It's certainly good fun so far (but I've only just started).

Excuse me, but I have to go off and root out a nest of zombies...


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