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Good news! With my current project no longer going live over Easter, we have now booked for Eastercon!

Look forward to seeing people there!
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Other than my whinging the other day, things are okay at the moment. I took Friday off work and as well as a certain amount of sitting in the garden with a glass of wine and a good book, I cleaned most of the windows, inside and out. I know that may not seem very exciting to anyone else but you have no idea how long it's been since it was last done. I keep looking out of the windows and admiring how clear it all is...

This weekend has been pleasantly quiet - haircut yesterday, takeaway in the evening, some more housework and slobbing in the garden today. I'm making the most of it as things are likely to get busy in the next few weeks. Next weekend we are going to see Propeller (the all-male Shakespeare company we've seen a number of times before) at the Watermill theatre in Newbury. It's either 'A Comedy of Errors' or 'Richard III', can't remember which. And whichever we are not seeing next Saturday we are going to see on Good Friday.

In between I've got auditions. It's a concert of music from mainly fairly modern shows and I'm auditioning 'Razzle Dazzle' from Chicago and 'Stars' from Les Mis. Two very different styles of song!

Then on the Saturday of Easter weekend we are heading up to Newcastle to stay with [ profile] desperance  for a few days, which we are really looking forward to!

As you will gather from this we are not going to Eastercon this year. We've made the last four or five in a row and as we weren't greatly excited by the subject matter or location this year we decided to take a year off.
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As everyone else is doing it, my action packed Eastercon schedule:

1. Arrive sometime Friday
2. Sunday 12:00 - 13:00 Room 41 Writing Meaningful Reviews of TV Shows and Books
3. Leave sometime Monday

Everything else we're making up as we go along!


Apr. 13th, 2009 10:27 pm
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A quick post before bed to say hello, we're back!

Eastercon was great fun, saw lots of good panels (and both the ones I was seemed to go reasonably well), only one really disasterous panel (you really don't want to know), met lots of old friends (and managed to miss others: I spotted [personal profile] the_magician  moving at great speed in the distance twice and walked past [ profile] ias  at one point only realising who it was several afterwards and didn't see them again to say 'hi') and made some new ones.

Overall a good'n. Maybe more when I'm awake again!

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My schedule for next week's Eastercon convention:

Classics That Aren't
Fri     22:00
"What classic books should we stop recommending? What still holds up,
and why? Is it the science which has dated the most, or the
Ian Sales (moderator) 
Chris Hill    
Kev McVeigh   
Rog Peyton

Entry-level criticism
Sat     11:00
"Science fiction has a long tradition of criticisms, from academics
and critics through to the fan who reviews on their blog. But how do
you learn to be a better critic? Can you learn to write about books?"
Caroline Mullan (moderator)  
Chris Hill     
Paul Skevington
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Paul F Cockburn
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One thing I both meant to and should have done in my earlier post was to congratulate the committee on a well-organised and run convention. Sure there were a few issues, but mainly hotel-related stuff that the con-runners have little control over (widely varying temperatures, so many social spaces that you keep failing to find the people you are looking for and is it just me, or did some of the staff seem to have gone to a special 'school for surliness'? Having said that others were delightful).

So well done to everyone involved!

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Back from Eastercon. Had a great time, of which a performance by Mitch Benn was just the icing on the cake.

My '2007 BSFA Awards' panel went pretty well I think, though [personal profile] coalescent later described me as a 'wrong head' (I believe that this is a new-fangled critical term) for being less convinced of the wonderfulness of Black Man than he was. My riposte was, of course, witty and succinct. If only I'd thought of it at the time...

I ended up being stunt Paul Cornell in another panel, 'Sex and the Singularity', this morning which was silly, rather more ribald than was suitable for a family audience...and probably the most fun I have ever had on a panel.

Caught up with lots of people we hadn't seen for ages and got to know better people we'd only met once or twice before.

Some slight disappointments: I didn't get the chance to meet Neil Gaiman and spent most of Saturday with a splitting headache - I'd only had four small glasses of red wine over about six hours the previous evening and, to quote a Bowling for Soup album title, it was a hangover I didn't deserve. I blame it on the rather raw quality of the red wine being served...

There may be more later, but sleepy now...
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We returned from EasterCon at about 7pm after a really smooth journey. It was a thoroughly enjoyable con. and especially impressive given the time the committee had to put it together. Well done all!

It was great to catch up with some people we haven't seen for a while (e.g [ profile] fjm, [ profile] gummitch, [ profile] ianmcdonald, [ profile] tamaranth) and to make new friends (or in some cases put names to faces) like [ profile] coalescent, [ profile] andrewducker, [ profile] purplecthulhu, [ profile] purpletigron & [ profile] owlfish.

We did our share of mixing with the great and good, including going out for a meal with Jon Courtenay Grimwood (which is a little ironic given that he only lives a few miles away!). [ profile] pennski invested a large sum of money for a stunning dress from [ profile] mevennen which should hopefully arrive in time to take to WisCon in May. And I bought myself a fedora from the hat shop in Cheshire. I've always wanted one, and this was the most 'Indiana Jones'ish I could find! There may be pictures later...

We didn't actually end up buying many books (for us!): less than twenty. It wasn't a huge dealers' room and I just couldn't see that many things I was interested in.

I moderated a panel looking at the results of the BSFA Awards, which went very much better than I expected! I was dreading either a non-existent or hostile audience (I did have a couple of comments from people that they thought it was a rather rude thing to do) but in the end I had three excellent panelists who had different viewpoints, which is always good, and disagreed in an amiable manner, which is good for my nerves!

Alas, there was a 'Buffy: Once More with Feeling' sing-along scheduled for the early evening today but we had to head home before it started. But that was the only real disappointment of an excellent weekend!
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In another hour or so we will be off to EasterCon. I'm not sure how many opportunities for access we will have so play nice while we're away!
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I've just realised that I haven't posted anything besides the weight tracking stuff and responses to other people recently, so here's a quick 'hello!'

I'm afraid I am going to use work and rehearsals as an excuse again! Brain go 'fizz', and possibly 'pop'. Then stop altogether.

Other than that stuff, I've been doing some reading and a fair amount of gaming (which is what my brain tends to turn to if it's too tired for anything else).

But, hey, I'm working from home tomorrow while we await delivery of our brand spanking new coffee table, so I'll get a little bit of a lie in.

The next couple of months are going to be also busy but with some fun bits. Next week is a short week and then EasterCon (yay!), the week after that necessarily also being a short week. Then I've a couple of full weeks at work and it's off most of the week of My Fair Lady (yahoo!). Then it's only another couple of full weeks and it's time for WisCon (bloody marvelous!).

Oh yes, and Doctor Who starts again on Saturday. Bonus!

So I'm fine, generally not feeling depressed or anything like that. Just busy and tired!


Jan. 1st, 2007 06:52 pm
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Starting the year in the organised manner I'd like it to continue, I've now booked us for EasterCon this year. Yah!

Looking forward to the hotel booking being available soon...
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We decided ages ago that we weren't going to Eastercon this year and I am quite glad we made that decision; we've both been quite tired after the show last week so we could do with a bit of a rest!

So a weekend of reading, playing City of Heroes and, hopefully, some writing ([ profile] raanve I haven't forgotten!).

Oh yes, and Doctor Who is back on Saturday!

My subconscious obviously remembers that it's normally Eastercon weekend - I keep on finding books to buy...!


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