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There is no doubt this week has been a tough one. We are only a week now away from implementation of my latest project and several fairly major issues came out of the woodwork. Luckily one of them was for someone else to deal with and the other wasn't my doing but I managed to solve (yes, I can do a robust design for a new approach in 20 minutes thank you very much!)

This is pretty much business as usual. What has made it tough is that I've got deadlines coming up for my design for the next phase of the project which I've been getting stressed with the process of finding the time to write it. I got where I wanted to in the end but it was hard work. By the end of play yesterday I was feeling pretty much like I'd had several rounds in the ring with someone much bigger than me...

Having finished Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica, last night we watched The Golden Compass (on BluRay no less!). It zipped along nicely, in the main looked great (the polar bears were fine in close up but weren't always composited onto backgrounds very well). Dakota Blue Richards may an effective (if not tom-boyish enough) Lyra, Sam Elliott was smashing as Lee Scorsby and, unlike others, I liked Daniel Craig as Asriel. The weakest piece of casting was Nicole Kidman who was frankly just not charismatic enough for Mrs Coulter (as [personal profile] pennski put it at one point - apart from because it's Nicole Kidman, why is everyone doing what she says?) The chopped off ending was hugely obvious - leaving the story without an effective climax. But the main problem was that it was so compressed that it felt like a 'greatest hits' of the book. This served the character relationships particularly badly, but worse removed much of Lyra's agency - people kept on telling her what she needed to do next instead of her working it out. Any watcher who hadn't read the book was going to be fairly confused. So an interesting failure, I guess, but certainly had some moments that had me grinning like a loon.

Today I went out on a run with pennski (after her triumphant 35m time in the Race for Life last week) and I ran for 19 minutes without stopping, then after a little walking ran for another 11 minutes and shortly afterwards another 8 minutes. That's 38 minutes out of around 55 - probably more than I have run since I last had to do a cross-country at school. And most of the time I managed to find a comfortable rhythm so it didn't feel too difficult. My chest was fairly sore by the end but I didn't cough at all. So I am feeling very pleased with myself. Not that I'm going to be running any marathons any time soon...!

Anyway, off to a party in a little while!


Sep. 6th, 2006 08:34 am
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Noting several messages from friends recently about renewing their gym membership, I'm afraid I am going in the opposite direction and have just cancelled my membership.

The reason? Since I joined the gym I have put on 8-10 pounds (and no, I can't put it down to muscle!).

The theory was that I would be able to get to the gym at least 3 times lunchtimes a week, but I have been getting so many late morning or early afternoon meetings that I just haven't managed getting to the gym more than twice a week. Also, even when I go, I'm not actually getting as much (paricularly aerobic) exercise as I was when I was exercising at home.

So I'm going back to the old method that lost the four and a half stone I lost in the first place, which is extensive use of the exercise bike at home after work! Anyway, at least I get to watch some t.v. that I want to watch then...
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Yes, yesterday I got back to the gym for the first time in about 3 weeks! I almost didn't as I'm still feeling a bit crap but I decided to go for it.

And I managed my full normal program (a little slower than usual but not significantly). I had a little cough after using the cross-trainer but overall I was fine.

Okay, I was completely wiped by the time I got home...
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Oh well, back at work again today. Not too bad for a first day back - not too many crises (although the usual teflon approach to problem solving by certain members of the team...).

Got back to the gym at lunchtime - although I am currently banned by the doctor from doing any weightlifting of any kind due to a pulled muscle (ibuprofen is a wonderful thing...). What I was pleased with was that I decided to do a 15 minute session on the treadmill instead and managed it with no problems. Not that long ago I would have been coughing myself silly from that (I've always had a bad chest when it comes to running).

Currently reading Iain Banks' The Algebraist and to be honest I'm rather struggling with it. I can't really pin down why, but I'm finding it easier to put it down and not pick it up again than usual.

Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. Most if it was very good - I particularly liked the portrayal of Charlie's family in the first section, and the fates of the different children was very faithful.

But I'm afraid I really couldn't take to Johnny Depp's Willie Wonka. Too fey and repressed (it was a Tim Burton film so the presence of the adult who hasn't grown up shouldn't have been a surprise). Willie Wonka needs to be someone fairly elderly and 'twinkly' - someone like Joel Grey would be perfect.


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