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I was looking forward to the Rock Band computer game - think Guitar Hero but with drums, vocal and base guitar as well. I've had this on pre-order (the PS3 version) since it's been available for pre-order.

EA have now announced the pricing.

In Europe you will have to buy the instrument pack and game separately, at a price of £130 & £50 respectively. Yes, that's a grand total of £180. That may not be a total rip-off but it's pretty expensive. What is particularly galling however is that the same kit costs $170 in the US. That is one hell of a price hike. I understand that the legal costs of releasing a game over here is more than the US but this seems to be a ridiculous hike.

This is on top of the fact that there is already more than six months between the US and Europe releases of the game. And to add insult to injury only the X-Box 360 version will be released at the end of May, with the other consoles and PC version not coming until some unspecified time later in the summer.

I think my  pre-order will be cancelled. If the do something reasonable about the prices then maybe I'll reconsider at a later date.
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Overall, not bad I have to say. I know I shouldn't say this out loud but work seems to be settling down a bit again; this week has been reminding me of what I like about the job.

Non-work wise, I finished Devil May Cry 3 on the PS2 yesterday, which was fun overall but even on easy mode had some horrendous, temper inducing sections!

Also yesterday I finished George R. R. Martin's A Feast for Crows which was as always hugely enjoyable. I couldn't help but snigger a little at the author's note at the end which said that the next book, A Dance of Dragons (or something along those lines) would be out the next year. This note was written in 2005 and the last publication date I saw for the book was spring next year.

Also much enjoyed was Soundings, Gary K. Wolfe's collection of reviews and Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland, which I mentioned a few days ago.

We've been watching Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip, the already cancelled Aaron Sorkin show. Overall I have been very much enjoying it, Matthew Perry particularly is surprisingly good, but I can understand a little why it was a flop. For a start off the bits of the comedy show we see are just not that funny. Harriet, the woman who is the lead in the comedy show is as dull as dishwater. Nothing against her performance, but Amanda Peet seems far to young to be convincing as a studio president. But the biggest problem I have about the show is this: the 'show within the show' is supposed to be a topical comedy programme, but the whole 'show outside the show' is given the same serious treatment (bordering on portentousness) of The West Wing, which seems to be over egging the pudding, frankly.
Still, I'm am enjoying it in spite of my reservations.

Oh yes, and we've just come back from seeing Harry Potter V, which actually does a good job of slimming a hugely over-written book down to something that is both manageable and quite entertaining. Mind you, it didn't escape our notice that the small children sitting behind us were getting rather audibly bored...


Jun. 20th, 2007 09:36 pm
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So I finally finished Final Fantasy XII yesterday...sort of. I've still got some side mission to complete (particularly some 'rare' kills) but after about 3 months of continuous play I decided to finish the main story. I've still kept the last couple of save games seeing as I would like to get the last few bits and pieces at some point.

By this point I was sufficiently high level that the final set of boss fights was pretty easy (i.e. I didn't have to restart!) and watched the pretty story end animation.

So how was it? Well the animation was pretty and the 'real time' combat system was not bad, though I don't understand why everyone seems to have a big hate on for turn-based combat. Most of the gaming critics seem to consider this to be automatically a bad thing. For those of us with the slower reactions skills turn-based is a good thing!

What lets the game down, compared with FF-X is the story. There's nothing wrong with the basics (deposed princess tries to get kingdom back) but somehow it just wasn't as involving as the previous games. Certainly the characters where not as interesting. The only one that I really like was Balthier, the Han Solo-esque sky pirate who gets all of the best lines (well, as he points out at one point, he is the leading man so he might have to do something heroic).

I enjoyed it, but need to play something else for a while.

That something for the moment being back to City of Heroes for the first time in some months. And I've been really enjoying getting back into the swing of it again. It's good to be back!
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After a number of positive comments from various LJ Friends, I have finally decided to give a MMORP a go. After some thought I have settled on City of Heroes (yes, [ profile] cabell, it is your fault!). So we'll see how we go. It's certainly good fun so far (but I've only just started).

Excuse me, but I have to go off and root out a nest of zombies...
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Okay, so I bought Civ IV for [ profile] pennski for Christmas. She managed to get it loaded, updated to the first patch and so on okay yesterday and then it all went horribly wrong.

For some reason, at this point, the DVD player decided it didn't want to read the disk. It just sat there and clicked to itself. The disk ran okay on my PC and other DVDs ran okay on 's.

So an hour was spent last night playing around with the disk drive, reinstalling drivers, etc. Nothing.

Finally today I had some success. I had a read through the technical stuff on Civ IV forums and found that someone else had the same problem and managed to fix it by updating the firmware on the DVD driver. After another hour or so of struggling to get the firmware installed (not something I've done very often before and rather harder on WindowsXP than it was on Windows98) and everything seems to be happy again! So I've just phoned [ profile] pennski at work to give her the good news.

Reading between the lines it seems that the particular DVD drive installed, unless you have updated the firmware, is particularly sensitive to any scratches on the disks. Heigh ho.

This does remind me of why I more often play console games than PC games these days...


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