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So far I am following my resolution not to buy more games until I've cleared some of my backlog. Thus far:

Played Blue Dragon (XBox360) for another couple of hours and decided to abandon it. I normally like JRPGs but this one is just so generic it's not holding my attention.

Picked up Mass Effect (PC) after only playing it for an hour or so a few months ago. Now it's getting going it really is turning out to be quite a lot of fun.

Unfortunately I've scuppered myself by deciding to give EVE Online another go after a couple of years and it has rapidly become a new obsession. Overall it seems to have improved the new user experience a bit in the intervening time. It doesn't try to train up everything at once and has gone some way to dealing with the skill issue. Unlike most online games it doesn't have character levels, instead you have skills (it has a certain relationship to the old Traveler RPG in that sense). You are constantly training up but there are literally hundreds of skills and it is very difficult to know what to train when. So they have introduced the idea of 'Certificates'. So, say you have a particular type of ship. On the ship description it tells you which certificates it recommends to make the most of the ship. The certificates then group together which skills you need to get to earn that certificate. You can also choose sets of certificates depending on what type of activity you wish to engage in (Mining, Piracy, Trade, Bounty Hunting, etc). So that's occupying my gaming experience at the moment!

Incidentally, EVE also offers a 'Buddy' system: current users can recommend the game to a friend and the friend will get a 21 day trial. If they then become a paying player, the person who recommended gets some 'free' playing time. So if anyone fancies giving this a go let me know and I'll be happy to 'buddy' them!
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The first part of my traditional (in some forum or another) review of stuff I've been reading/watching/playing this year.

Behind cut for the uninterested... )
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This weekend ended up being one of those that are just ... pleasant. Nothing really exciting or anything but just nice.

This is especially strange given that I ended up working for part of it. We had a 'go live' this weekend; I only had about 15 minutes worth of tasks to perform myself, but I took the opportunity to catch up on some design work (my current project, for reasons of resourcing, is about 3 weeks behind on design right now).

[ profile] pennski's parents turned up yesterday evening for the ritual exchange of presents. I was expecting them to stay for a quick bite to eat and a cuppa and they ended up not leaving till gone half 9, which means that we have not caught any of the Hogfather adaptation on yet. Still it's recorded to catch up with later.

I've also started to get my act together on exercise. Between long working hours recently and rehearsals (plus people keep bringing chocolates into the office...) I have put on a couple of pounds recently which I want to get rid of again as soon as possible (though Christmas is not going to help!).

We played quite a bit of City of Heroes on Saturday for the first time in ages. They have added the Christmas content which is silly, but fun. Keiron Greystoke now has some cute winter ear muffs in his costume colours! P's character has also been to the tailors to play with her costume; Anna Fedora now has a very fetching long leather, split-tailed trenchcoat, among other things.

I also gave Guild Wars a go yesterday. It's quite fun in a basic fantasy RPG sort of way.

A full and busy working week this week, alas...
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Just to make a change from the Worry and the Whinge, a few bits and pieces on the entertainment front.

(Some spoilerish stuff in here, so behind cut )
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Over the weekend I've been giving the popular computer game Oblivion a go. And, you know, I'm not really sure I'm that bothered about it. To be honest I'm finding it a little dull.

The game has been much praised for its 'free form' play. Although there is a central 'quest' you can wander around the towns, talking to people, pick up side quests and generally explore the countryside.

The problem is that you can take hours wandering around, talking to people, exploring the view, etc, before you find anything to do! I can see that if you want your computer games to give you the most immersive experience possible then this is great. But if your game-playing time is somewhat limited then this can end up being a bit tedious.
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Okay, so I've been catching up on all the Dork Tower collections and loving them.

But...I keep on finding that I most identify with Igor.

Is this wrong?


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