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So saw a different doctor today (a locum for one of the others who is on maternity leave) who was very nice and spent a bit more time going through my symptoms.

Her conclusion was pretty much what we thought - acute labyrinthitis. She's taken me off the original tablets as they weren't really doing me any good and has put me on some anti-nausea medication - which seem reasonably effective so far. Amusingly they are also anti-psychotics (at higher doses anyway) so I've been telling people that if I'm more laid back than normal this week that'll be why!

She's going to try and get me an ENT specialist appointment but as that may take a few weeks we can always cancel it if not needed.

But I am under strict instructions not to drive until the symptoms have cleared up. I got a bit of a slap on the wrist when I admitted that I had driven to work 3-4 times over the last couple of weeks!

Anyway, it's wait and see time now. I tell you though - if this goes on for more than another week or so I'm going to be getting really stir crazy!

One good thing is once again she checked my blood pressure and again she was perfectly happy with it (121/81 fact fans!) Given the amount of extra weight I'm carrying at the moment and the fact that I'm a bit of a stress bunny, I'm always surprised how low mine usually is. The daily cycle must be doing some good!

ETA: But boo-hiss: I'm not allowed to drink alcohol with the new pills!

Blood tests

Nov. 2nd, 2011 02:51 pm
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Just got my blood test results and, all evidence to the contrary, everything is normal. So I don't have high cholesterol, diabetes or anaemia!


Good to have some good news in a day in which I'd managed to lose my temper with one of my colleagues. Probably as well they weren't taking my blood pressure today...
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Thanks very much to everyone for their support and concern after my last post - it was much appreciated!

I managed to get an emergency appointment with a doctor this morning and it's mainly positive news: there's nothing in what I told her that gives her any concern that I might have an immune system issue, especially as I am fighting the illnesses off with the need for medication. Basically the recurring illnesses are down to a number of factors:
1. I work in an open-plan office of 60+ people so I'm exposed to a lot of germs (the doctor said she'd be far more concerned if I worked in an environment with no people and still got ill)
2. My current levels of stress are fairly high which isn't helping
3. My sleep patterns are not fantastic right now
4. Although I eat reasonably well and get an okay amount of exercise it's not consistent enough, between anxiety and sickness.

So there's this whole vicious circle thing (sick-anxious-don't sleep well-don't get consistent exercise-sick-anxious...) which means that I'm not really getting up to full health and so I'm more likely to pick up the next thing that comes along.

So some of this is stuff I can do something about (like making sure I eat properly and get at least some light exercise even when I really don't feel like it, improve my sleep hygiene) and some is a bit more difficult (there's only so much I can do about work right now - even looking for another job is stress I don't need right now. Once my health is better, maybe...) Also, while it's not a final decision yet, I may well not do the next show with Andover Musical Theatre group - just so I don't have anything other than work to worry about for a while.

Also, just to be on the safe side, I am going to have a blood test done to check for anaemia (not common in men) and diabetes (I'm in the right age group now, although there isn't any history of it in my family so unlikely). So I'm not expecting anything nasty, but just being safe. To give kudos to the doctor I saw, it was because I mentioned being concerned about the nastier possible underlying causes that she suggested that maybe I should get the tests done as reassurance rather than anything else.

So nothing to be too anxious about for now, anyway.
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So I'd normally post a bit about how the show is going during the week of a run but this hasn't really happened this week. There are reasons, familiar to those of you who have been following the brief updates on Facebook.

Firstly, the show actually went pretty well in the end, much better then I really expected - although there was still some issues particularly with the chorus harmonies. At the aftershow speeches Neil, our Musical Director, admitted that he had over-committed himself during the rehearsal period and didn't give us enough of his time (which is true) and also that he really does need to conduct rather than play in the orchestra during the week (also true: we are an amateur society and we need to be conducted.) And the director continued to be his cheery, 'praise is for wimps' self...

(I'd normally spare you all by putting the details behind a cut, but honestly my brain just isn't working well enough right now to remember how!)

Anyway, what's my health beef this time? We had the tech rehearsal last Sunday and during the night afterwards I woke up with a sore back. The next day it was really sore all day but I just put it down to carrying around a heavy prop a few times during the day and probably pulled a muscle a bit. Before bed on Monday after the dress rehearsal I took a couple of co-codamol and shortly afterwards the pain disappeared but then I started to hurt around the front of my stomach just below the diaphragm. This remained painful all night and I just couldn't get any sleep. Only a hot bath at about 4:30am helped at all.

The next day was very painful all day around the front, but also spreading back to the part of the back that had hurt on Monday. Also I lost my appetite and my eyes got bloodshot (probably from the lack of sleep!) I took some painkillers which didn't seem to touch it and got pretty much nothing done all day; even reading was beyond me as I just couldn't concentrate. I got through the first performance okay and tried to read in bed afterwards and ended up throwing a book across the room in frustration when I just couldn't find a painless position to read in. So I called NHS Direct and talked through the symptoms. This was only semi-helpful as the nurse I spoke to got fixated on the fact that I'm taking drugs to reduce acid reflux and therefore it must be related to that. So general advice and 'speak to the doctor if it doesn't get better' is what I got.

It didn't get better. So before the performance on Wednesday I got an emergency doctor's appointment (happily with Dr Boucher, my actual doctor, who is a fantastic GP). After taking a urine sample and doing the basic tests on this and prodding me about a bit, she decided that it was likely to be a Urinary Tract Infection - possibly appendicitis but unlikely - and put me on antibiotics while we wait for the full test results to come back (early next week). The next two nights were almost sleepless again (but featuring lots of hot baths!) - I probably had about 5 hours sleep altogether in 10-15 minute dozes over four nights.

Friday morning I phoned the doctor again, told her about the pain keeping me awake and asked if she had any suggestions. She suggested that I go and see her again! This time she took some blood samples to get my white cell count checked to make sure I haven't got an abscess (which again is probably unlikely) and put me on the strongest perscription co-codamol.

And I have to tell you those things are bloody marvelous! I took some just before leaving for the evening performance and I was positively high - as well as pain free - by the time I got there! I took more before going to bed and woke up hurting in the early hours of Saturday morning so took my next lot then. And I haven't had to take any since (yet)! So I can only assume that either I've got a lot of the drug still in my system or the antibiotics have now taken hold (hopefully the latter: the not-so-good side effect of the drugs has been that I have been left rather breathless after a small amount of movement.)

So today I've got a little pain in my back but not enough to bother taking painkillers and hopefully I'm on the mend again (still curious about what the various tests will say, though.)

But am I fed up with getting one thing after another in the last few months. It would be really nice to get my health back and start exercising again. Here's hoping!
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Thanks to everyone for their kind birthday wishes earlier in the week, both here and on FB.

My actual birthday was very quiet. I was sort of scheduled to go out for a meal with colleagues from work, but I really wasn't up to it so I stayed home. [ profile] pennski was also out with colleagues but came home fairly early and we shared the remains of a bottle of wine.

I had Friday off and we had a lovely relaxed breakfast of champaigne and pancakes! In the evening Nikki and Martin from the Operatic Society came over for a meal. Martin is even more of a tv sf and games geek than I am! We have a very pleasant evening eating Carribbean food that I had cooked from the new book pennski bought me for my birthday and watching the first episode of The Middleman (awesome!) and Aliens Vs Monsters (mediocre).

I am slowly recovering from the bronchitis. My chest x-ray came back clear but I'm still coughing a fair bit. My chest really didn't like today at all. Alas pennski also had an fairly light asthma attack on Thursday and this has triggered a return of her cough. Sigh. We haven't both been well at the same time since the summer...
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I've gradually come to a realisation about me and my reactions to alcohol over the last month or so: my body really doesn't like it very much.

It's come to my notice that white wine and cider particularly very often leave me with a headache. No, I'm not talking about next-morning hangovers here, I'm talking about shortly after drinking a glass.

Oddly enough, I generally don't get this reaction from red wine (Googling around the subject of alcohol and migraines, red wine is more likely to get this reaction than white.)

So I'm changing my drinking habits a little. I still have the occasional glass of white wine or bottle of cider, but I'm sticking to red in the main.

This isn't necessarily a great loss as I prefer red wine anyway, but cutting down on the cider is a bit of a blow!


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