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A question for my more technically-minded friends out there!

I've had a problem today where my pc kept on closing down for no readily apparent reason. Not rebooting, just coming to a complete stop.

One thing that naturally occurred is that the CPU is running too hot, so I downloaded a tool to monitor it. The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (about 3 years old) and according to what information I could dredge up should sit at 20-30C when idling. Mine is sitting at around 60C and that is with the case open (besides which my case (NZXT Zero) has about seven cooling fans, all of which are working.) As soon as it starts actually doing something the temperatures start hitting well over 100C (and I've not tried it yet with something really CPU intensive, like a game).

Any thoughts what might be causing my problem?
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Good things:
1. The central heating now seems to be fixed! At least it hasn't failed since Tuesday so I think we are okay. It turned out to be the gas tap - they replaced that and it was fine. What equally amuses and annoys me about this is that the cut-out light is supposed to show a problem with the gas supply (in other words that the pilot light is not getting enough gas to stay on). So the gas engineers seemed to assume, after a quick check, that it couldn't possibly be the gas supply to the boiler so it had to be that the cut-out light was the problem. It didn't seem to occur to them until they had tried everything else that the cut-out light was actually reporting the situation correctly!.

2. We have had the hedgerow in our back garden trimmed down and cut back, so we now have about 3 feet more width of garden than we had a week ago.

3. We went to see Wicked on Wednesday (cheap tickets from Yell's Sports & Social Club). That was great fun and an interesting deconstruction of the book. The music is okay, but there is nothing there that anyone is going to be including on a 'Greatest Songs from the Musicals' CD any time soon. A typical Stephen Schwartz score, in fact.

4. My quarterly review at work was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting - mainly positive in fact.

Bad things:
Mainly work, really. The week was punctuated by people on my project generally acting like a bunch of prima donnas. Also, Thursday included my manager doing one of her ritual humiliations of her staff in public. Yes, it was me. I really can't bear to go into the details again. If you really want to know, see my reply to this post of [ profile] sdn's:
Let's say it is a timely reminder of quite why I'm looking for another job!


Jan. 24th, 2007 07:37 am
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The weather has turned a bit colder here over the last few days (okay, not Wisconsin cold, but still...). So what is the one thing you don't want to happen when we finally get some cold winter weather?

That's right, you don't want your central heating to break down.

Guess what's happened?

This contributes to my theory that the force that really runs the world is irony.

Today will be our third visit from Mr Gasman. The first day he thought he'd worked out what it is but didn't have the part. Yesterday he replaced the part and let it run for a bit and after half an hour announced that it was probably fixed. I did point out to him that it ran for about 2 hours the night before without breaking down, but he was airily confident.

Fifteen minutes after he left the house it stopped working again.

And it snowed last night.

So at the moment we are making do on one gas-filled radiator and and an electric fan heater that a friend lent us.



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