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Today is my wedding anniversary: I have married to the wonderful [ profile] pennski for 19 years (where has the time gone?!)

I'd say we were celebrating by going to the theatre tonight but it's actually a coincidence due to my work Sports and Social club, but anyway we are going to see Hamlet with Jude Law tonight. Could be interesting...

And on Sunday we fly to Aldernay for a break for 5 days. Much eating, reading, walking and swimming awaits!
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My holiday year started again on the 1st April, so I celebrated by taking today off!

So today I:
  • Supervised the plumber who came to fix our ever-overflowing toilet (he also does bathroom fitting and tiling and as we are seriously thinking about having our bathroom replaced this year the word 'hmmm' sprung to mind.
  • Mowed the lawn for the first time this year, managing to avoid mowing over the bunches of primroses (and other flowers I can't remember the names of) which have, very prettily, invaded the lawn.
  • Read a goodly chunk of the Clarke book I'm re-reading.
  • Played computer games (the appalingly named but enjoyable 'Infinite Undiscovery' on the XBox and had a go at Lord of the Rings Online on the PC)
  • Spent an hour on the exercise bike.
  • Caught up with one of the two episodes of Supernatural I hadn't got around to watching (a show that I was a bit 'meh' about for the first couple of seasons but has really raised its game in the third and fourth).
I call that a good day!

I've actually worked out that between now and going back to work after Wiscon on the 1st of June I've only actually got two full weeks in the office. Yay!

Good Days

Aug. 7th, 2008 08:00 pm
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Today has been that rare thing: a thoroughly good day.

To start with I managed to get business sign-off for my current project functional design.

Then this afternoon we reviewed the technical design and agreed sign-off (with a few small tweaks) so the build can start on schedule on Monday.

After work I went for a run and ran for a few seconds short of 30 minutes: probably the longest I have ever run without stopping in my life. And I wasn't exhausted (I stopped because I'd got back home). I've gone from only being able to run for 4 minutes to being able to run for 30 in less than four weeks. I'm beginning to wonder if there might be at least a half-marathon in my future (in a couple of years perhaps!)

And finally I've got tomorrow off work so it's a Virtual Friday. Hoorah!
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The amount of this afternoon, that is, that I've lost to playing 'Peggle'! There was a special edition demo which came with The Orange Box, which I thought was rather fun (it being a special Valve version it did, of course, feature the unicorn's face being eaten by a Head Crab).

So I bought and downloaded the full version...and that was the last couple of hours. I'll never learn.

Anyway, we need to eat, finish what packing we can and then up at some unholy hour (for a Sunday, anyway) for the airport. I don't know whether we will have any internet access while we are there, but I'll post some updates if we can (and [personal profile] littlebutfierce and [personal profile] sdn, look forward to seeing you!)

Play nice while we're away!
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Just realised that I haven't done much updating in the last few weeks. No particular reason, no crises or anything, just not a lot to say! I have been keeping up with reading my friends list though.

Work is going okay at the moment; I'm actually being reminded of the things about the job that I like, for the first time in ages. Also my line manager is no longer my task manager, so we are getting on a bit better. Things are likely to be very busy in the next few weeks as we enter a very short, intense, design period for the next set of projects. But could be quite interesting.

Other than that, we are back in the throws of rehearsals for the concert at the end of October, which is going okay. Still a bit shaky on some of the music, but it's getting there.

I've also been spending way too much time playing Okami on the PS2, which is a Japanese-mythology based 3rd person action/RPG game which is beautifully put together and one of the most charming games I have played in some time.

We have booked the flights for New York. We're flying out on 11th November and flying back on the 20th, which means I'll be having my 41st birthday in New York. Still need to sort out hotels, though.

We've also been doing a bit of gardening and organising someone to come and sort out the exterior woodwork and guttering on the house.

Other than that, things are just pootling along quite pleasantly!
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That's me finished with work for a whole week + bank holiday! And believe me when I say that it cannot come sooner; I think if I had to spend another full week in the office I would probably be considering maiming various of my colleagues. So no exercise has happened during the week this week, dammit.

So this week has mainly consisted of work (I worked six days worth of hours in five days this week) and rehearsals. Plus we went out for an Indian meal in Andover with various of the operatic society last night. Company was great, the food was okay, the service was atrocious. Not a restaurant we will ever be going to again...

Afterwards some of the party wandered off into Andover in search of further drinks and music, but the place we ended up in was one of those hugely crowded places where I queued to get to the bar for ten minutes and didn't get any closer, while several people somehow managed to find a space and get served. So we decided to call it a day and go home.

So next week is, finally, My Fair Lady. I'm fairly happy that it is going to be a good show and I am looking forward to it. Tech rehearsal tomorrow, dress on Monday and performances Tuesday through Friday evening and two performances on Saturday. Ticket sales are pretty good and we should at least break even. I've got friends from work going on two nights and my mum and sister on another. [ profile] pennski's dad may be turning up on one night but he hasn't confirmed yet.

The rest of the week will be filled with sleeping, eating, exercising, watching t.v., reading, playing games, you know, relaxing stuff!
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Just a quick note to say 'Hello!'.

We are home safe and sound. Egypt was absolutely amazing and no doubt between us we will be boring you all rigid about it over the next few days.

But right now we have a lot of bits and pieces to do so more later!
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We are now going to Egypt in November instead! 4 days on the Nile and 3 days in Cairo. Seeing as Egypt has always been one of those other places we always wanted to go we are not too disappointed (and a grand cheaper as well...).

There is an optional trip to see a light show around the pyramids. Is it just me or does that sound just too Las Vegas?
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Got home after work yesterday to a phone message from the people who we were going to Japan with to say that they have had to cancel the trip because not enough people have booked to go.

So we're going to try and rebook the trip for next year and in the meantime find somewhere else to go in November.

But, bugger.
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We spent the weekend in Canterbury with Andrew Butler, British fan and academic and all-round good egg. Andrew is someone that we were very close to a few years ago and in recent times had lost touch a bit. So we spent the weekend mainly chatting (and playing very bad pool, which is always fun) and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

What else? Finally finished Iain M. Banks The Algebraist. Very disappointing. There was a good background idea and some fun bits but overall it just didn't come together for me. The book I have found hardest to finish recently that I actually did finish (if that makes sense!).

I've now finished downloading cover images for the books I can find for my new book database. Still some other maintenance needed before it is completely up to scratch though (obsessive, me?).

I have also finished what I hope is the fourth and final draft of my short story. Hopefully should just need some grammatical & spelling tidying up now. Then I shall be girding up my loins and trying to submit it somewhere. Gulp!

Oh yes, and today is a bank holiday so I don't have to be at work!


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