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I've just realised that apart from the ocassional comment on other people's LJs I've not posted anything for a month - possibly a record!

The main reason is that I've been ill quite a lot over the last few weeks. I was off work for a couple of days three weeks ago and really went back too soon. It didn't help that it was one of those 'feeling ill, slight temperature, sore throat, bit tired and spaced out but nothing you can actually easily put on a sick form' sort of illnesses. Although I had more or less got over it I was still losing my voice quite a lot but functioning okay. And then this morning I woke up with a full-on cold, of which there was little sign 24 hours ago. Sigh. I can't tell you how irritated this is starting to make me!

In between I spent a week commuting to London for a SAP training course (Cost Centre account this time) and just about back in the swing of rehearsals for Scrooge again, although due to persistent Director grumpyness this has not been as much fun as it ought to be.

We also went out on Friday for a meal to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday. He is official retired now, lucky old sod!

Anyway, thought I'd just check in to reassure everyone that I'm still alive!
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I know I've been a bit quiet the last week or so. This can partly be blamed on last week's illness which left me unable to face sitting up at the computer for any length of time (just a fever/cold/cough thing that has more or less gone away now), spending a lot of time on the surprisingly large pile of Clarke Award books which have already arrived (15 so far, 4 read, 1 in progress), long rehearsals, Oxford visits and work being well, let's just not talk about it shall we (I've had a particularly crappy day today).

Other than that, there has been gaming, of which more when I have a brain. We also watched the 2006 production of Jane Eyre which I much enjoyed. I read the book a few years ago and while it was okay I found Jane rather a prig and Rochester a monster. The tv version managed to get away from that without substantially changing the characters, and there was real chemistry between the two main actors.

I'm also watching the first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles while I do my cycling and mainly enjoying it, though please I hope there isn't too much of the 'Cameron learning to act human' stuff that was boring when it was Data in ST:TNG. Is it me though or does Summer Glau look no older now than she did five years ago when she was in that episode of Angel? She's got a horrible picture in the attic, that's all I can say...

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So, dress rehearsal for Millie today, first performance tomorrow...and I have little voice. In fact this is the worst throat problem I've had for several years. Bah.

On the 'desperately trying to be upbeat' side, I feel less ill today than I did yesterday - just full'o'cold, so hopefully I'm on the mend.

So I'm trying to to talk as little as possible today (I'm planning to work from home from mid-morning), drinking prodigious amounts of water and I'm off the rest of the week so I can spend it all in bed if I need to! I'm also going to visit the pharmacist and get whatever the strongest cold medicine they have is! For once it doesn't matter if it makes me drowsy. And steaming is supposed to be good.

Yes, I am trying anything I possibly can!
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Today is Friday.

Sunday is the band call and tech rehearsal for Millie.

Monday is the dress rehearsal.

Tuesday to Saturday are the shows.

So guess whose developed a cough and sore throat in the last twenty-four hours? Yep, that would be me.

So I'm working from home for part of today and then probably going back to bed. Hopefully, given how long these things normally last with me, if I take it fairly easy today and tomorrow then my voice will be reasonably back to normal by Sunday.

Also this week [personal profile] pennskimanaged to end up with three stitches in her hand after slicing it on a broken piece of shower fitting at work! She's fine but being careful what she does with that hand for a few more days!

The show has actually come together very well despite all the issues, but I have never known a show like it for health and injury issues. A summary of the other issues:

1. Original director leaves after a few rehearsals due to illness and other commitments
2. Second director has to drop out due to cervical cancer (she's well on the way to recovery by the way)
3. One of our few men has to sing as little as possible due to throat problems
4. One member of the chorus breaks her leg and has to drop out
5. Our leading lady trips over at the rehearsal hall and breaks a foot bone (three weeks ago!). She's doing fine but in theory should actually have her foot in plaster...

Honestly, it's enough to make you superstitious!
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1. Both [ profile] pennski and I are a bit icky-sicky today. She went home from work part way through yesterday, me today. It's one of the those general 'tired and woozy' things (and in my case with additional upset tummy) that don't seem to become anything else. We're both a bit better this evening though.

2. The out-of-town shopping centre in Newbury has been expanding recently. And today I found out that one of the new stores is actually a Borders. With a coffee shop. Don't know what the selection will be like but probably better than the in-town Waterstones.

3. I had a quick look at an IT job site today and reassured myself that if I did decide to move on from my current job next year then there are jobs out there I can do. It probably won't come to that, but it is nice to know that the options are there if I need them.

4. All the books I can get on LibraryThing are now on there, somewhere around 4500. So that excludes the sixty-odd SBNs they couldn't find and the books that don't have SBNs.


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