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So that's another show finished. After two runs yesterday, My Fair Lady is done.

But we did have a wonderful surprise for the final performance. When we went on the trip to Egypt last November we ended up spending a lot of time with an older couple and two (what [ profile] pennski has described as) 'feisty divorcées'. This was just after the auditions and we talked about the show with them.

About half-way through last week we remembered that we were going to send them the details of the show and, frankly, we completely forgot.

So last night they turned up, having organised the whole thing without any help (or indeed reminders) from us! They came all the way down from Northampton and Birmingham just for the show and I cannot tell you how touched we were by this. One of the other couples from the trip would also have come if they didn't have a family wedding they had to go to. It really capped the week beautifully.

Anyway, after the final performance we helped clear the theatre and then spent a couple of hours having drinks and nibbles at a fellow cast-member's house, finally getting to bed about 2pm (which is very late for us!).

Today I'm feeling fairly tired and headache-y but fairly cheerful. We've just watched last night's Doctor Who, which despite the usual dodgy science was a great improvement on the frankly poor Dalek double-episode. Just planning to do some more pottering around today. Tomorrow's plan is to head out to the cinema for Spider Man 3.
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Sorry for the absence, but we've been a bit busy...

The show has gone really, really well; I couldn't be more pleased. I've not managed to screw up any lines (yet!), Paul (Higgins) and Carol (Eliza), and of course the rest of the cast, have been excellent and the audiences have been really receptive. I've had some good positive feedback on my performances from various people, both audience and fellow cast members. All in all it has been a wonderful experience (though I most post a photograph of The Moustache...)

Amusing note: my Mum overheard some older ladies behind her at the theatre, and also others after the show, who were saying how they liked the 'fair haired man' best. Since I am the only member of the cast that can be remotely described as fair-haired we can only assume they were talking about Colonel Pickering. Just my luck: I get the Grey Vote. Why can't I ever get the Bright Young Thing vote...?

Two more performances to go: today's matinée(<lj user="pennski"'s parents are coming to this one) and tonight's final performance. I'm hoping the post-show emotional crash will not be too bad...
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So My Fair Lady opened last night and barring a couple of little (mainly technical) cock-ups it went really well.

It used to be traditional that the Tuesday night audience was a bit quiet, but this time they were a lively bunch. One of the real joys about having an audience is that they laugh and react both to things that the cast have long stopped finding funny and it gives a real boost of energy to the performances.

Personally I had one rather scary moment: for one scene it is important to a plot point that I have a piece of cake (strawberry tart, to be precise!) placed on the coffee table next to my chair during a blackout. Blackout came and went and strawberry tart was there not! After a few moments of panic (luckily I had no dialogue for a minute or so) I smacked my lips, wandered off stage (and with the offstage words "where's my f*ing cake!") took the cake and wandered back onto the stage munching on it with a pleased expression, in time for my dialogue. Scary moment though!

But overall I was really, really pleased. There were a couple of little mis-steps in the dialogue from various of us but no great chunks got missed and nobody needed to be prompted. The audience seemed to enjoy it and the feedback from my friend Arthur and his parents was really positive.

So yah! The only thing to watch for tonight, after such a good first night, is that no complacency and over-confidence settles in...
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Well, another wonderful technical rehearsal out of the way.

For the (luckily) uninitiated the technical rehearsal is not really for the cast, it is for the stage crew, sound & lighting guys. So it tends to be a bit of the ol' "hurry up and wait". You have to be there, focussed and ready to go at any point, but spend most of your time sitting around, watching (or in John Parker's case, having a bit of a snooze!).

Tech rehearsals are always somewhat depressing. It's two days before you start and you see the play at its absolute worst - everything that can go wrong will. You find out which bits of set don't work, which bits of the stage you thought you had, but don't because of bits of set. Someone always loses their temper (Paul this time, rightly protesting about a piece of set design that looks silly, but ended up with the Director saying "who's directing?" [ profile] pennskiBlackAdder-style going through our heads at that point...)

Some people are more constitutionally suited to this game than others. Me, most of the time I'm fairly calm; it's one of the few things in my life that I am able to just let it flow. Although I did get a little irritable with Heidi, our youngest member (14-years old). She's very sweet, very talkative and a little bit scatty. She came back-stage at one point last night to tell me that she was confused and what should she be doing. I explained and then pointed out that she is going to have to pay close attention to what is going on: I'm not going to be able to help her out on the night - I'm going to be a bit busy!

But what does wind me up is having to listen to the usual suspects moaning about all the waiting around and how bad it all is, etc, etc. You want to shake them and point out that this is a tech rehearsal, they are always a nightmare! At least it's not like Viva Mexico, where we didn't finish the tech until about midnight!

Dress Rehearsal tonight!
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That's me finished with work for a whole week + bank holiday! And believe me when I say that it cannot come sooner; I think if I had to spend another full week in the office I would probably be considering maiming various of my colleagues. So no exercise has happened during the week this week, dammit.

So this week has mainly consisted of work (I worked six days worth of hours in five days this week) and rehearsals. Plus we went out for an Indian meal in Andover with various of the operatic society last night. Company was great, the food was okay, the service was atrocious. Not a restaurant we will ever be going to again...

Afterwards some of the party wandered off into Andover in search of further drinks and music, but the place we ended up in was one of those hugely crowded places where I queued to get to the bar for ten minutes and didn't get any closer, while several people somehow managed to find a space and get served. So we decided to call it a day and go home.

So next week is, finally, My Fair Lady. I'm fairly happy that it is going to be a good show and I am looking forward to it. Tech rehearsal tomorrow, dress on Monday and performances Tuesday through Friday evening and two performances on Saturday. Ticket sales are pretty good and we should at least break even. I've got friends from work going on two nights and my mum and sister on another. [ profile] pennski's dad may be turning up on one night but he hasn't confirmed yet.

The rest of the week will be filled with sleeping, eating, exercising, watching t.v., reading, playing games, you know, relaxing stuff!
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Despite only being a three-day working week, it still managed to be rather busy, and of course, stressful. You know, work would be so much better if just once in a while we had a day that wasn't completely frantic. I work in the IT department of a Yellow Pages company (in the UK of course, theYellow Pages company), for goodness sake; it's not like we are fighting fires or running the country or anything! Sigh.

On Thursday we had the first complete run through of My Fair Lady which went pretty well. Still a few rocky bits but nothing we can't sort in the next couple of weeks. I am cautiously optimistic.

The evening was slightly soured by passing a young lad in a hoodie who was standing in the middle of the road on the way back into Whitchurch. As we passed we noticed that he had blood running down his arm, so a quick telephone call to the police followed. We haven't heard anything since so I must assume he is okay. In retrospect we should have stopped, but my brain was really not engaged by that time.

Yesterday morning ended up being interesting. Just before I got to the A34/M4 roundabout I ran over a piece of metal debris in the road. A few seconds later my front left tyre was making interesting clunking noises. Luckily there is a service station right next to the roundabout so I was able to stick the spare tyre on and drive back home (the spare is one of those 'do not drive more than 80kph jobs). Tyre is now sorted!

And last night realised that Doctor Who has become truly mainstream when Mitch Benn sings a song on The Now Show about hoping Manchester United will win quickly tonight so that DW is not postponed until next week!
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To make the programme for My Fair Lady a bit different we have got someone to take photographs of the cast and photoshop them onto genuinely old photographs.

Last night I got the one of me:

I am really quite taken by this; I look a bit taller than I actually am (and slimmer), though I do look a little bit of a cad!

I also look astonishingly like my mum's brother when he was younger...


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