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So the story so far:
Originally I thought I wasn't going to be able to be in The King and I due to Clarke Award reading, but then ACCA books arrived earlier than expected and rehearsals aren't starting until the new year so I thought 'Great, can do it after all'.

But then, disaster!, it turns out that the week of the show is WisCon week and we're already booked to go. Not too bothered. I like The King and I a lot but, unless you are playing the king, there's not much for the men to do.

Then last night we find out that due to a theatre booking cock-up we are no longer putting on the show at that date and it will be a few weeks earlier. Modified rapture! Still nothing much for the men to do, but I could at least audition for the King.

Then we get the actual dates: 28th April to 2nd May 2009.

Guess when the Arthur C. Clarke Award ceremony is going to be? That's right: 29th April.


If I really, really wanted to do it I could just about swing it by going to the ACCA final judging meeting but not going to the ceremony and getting back to Andover for the performance. But it's probably not worth it to be honest, especially as I've really been looking forward to an opportunity to do the Clarkes.

Oh well, maybe I can help backstage or something...

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So The Pajama Game is done and dusted. And you know what? It went really well; a lot better than I expected and was a lot more fun than I expected as well. Our audiences where okay, rather than brilliant, but very appreciative.

The lack of rehearsal time did show in a few places each performance - there were several scenes where consistently not everyone got their words in, or in the right order - but unless you knew the show well then it wouldn't be visible to the audience. Our principals were mainly fine - everyone made mistakes but nothing too serious (although James, playing Sid - the leading man - and Jes, playing (brilliantly I may add) Hines, the time-study man but needed a certain amount of ego-stroking at various points).

Most of the time my stuff was fine. Except one bad moment. As some of you may know I have a real problem with names: they can suddenly go out of my head; I just can't find that 'tag'. I've always had a problem with this and I can honestly lose the names of people I have known for years, even my own family. I can't really describe it as 'not remembering'. The best description I can think of is that there is a hole in my head where the name should be. Believe me, this can be very scary sometimes!

Anyway, during the 'Hernando's Hideaway' sequence, a group of us are on the platform at the back of the stage with torches and have some bits of dialogue in with the music. My character was supposed to be trying to find one of the minor female characters, who glorifies in the name of 'Poopsie'. So in one bit of the song I have to call out 'Poopsie' 3 times before one of the other guys has to respond 'Hey bud, this ain't Poopsie!' You're way ahead of me I'm sure! At that moment, in the Friday night performance, the name 'Poopsie' just totally disappeared from my. I switched on my torch and went 'P. P. P. Oh Shit!' (luckily very quietly and I wasn't miked so no damage was done). Thankfully Hazel, one of the other people on the platform, was able to feed me the name.

So that was my show disaster!

We had decided that we were going to do The King and I, the next show, but then had that scuppered by discovering that it is on at the same time as WisCon. If it had been a show we desperately wanted to do, then we might have cancelled the trip, but as there isn't a lot of chorus work and it's not a great show if you are one of the leads then it's not a big deal. I just hope this timing doesn't become a habit!

Anyway, rehearsals for that don't start until after Christmas so we've got a couple of carol concerts to prepare for next...
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The good news is that the first complete run through last night went pretty well, all things considered.

The bad news is that unfortunately we've had to cancel one of the performances (the Thursday) due to poor ticket sales. This is a perennial problem for us; although Andover is a pretty big town we struggle to fill the theatre these days. There doesn't seem to be any particular reason for it apart from amateur musical theatre seeming to be rather out of fashion these days. Someone at work did point out that the tickets are quite expensive but unfortunately these are set by theatre, not us.

My grump about this is around our individual ability to sell tickets. Whenever there are problems we always get the exhortation to 'get out there and sell more tickets'. The problems are 1) apart from my relatives the only people I know in Andover are members of the society anyway, 2) everyone in our families who can make it and are interested will come anyway, 3) while there are people at work who are interested, it is an hour or more travel for them to get there; you'd have to be pretty dedicated to make that effort, 4) most of my friends live even further afield, many of them not even in the same country!

My point is that you cannot sell over 1000 seats all together just from the friends and family of the membership.

End of rant.

Anyway, if anyone in the vicinity fancies a little trip to Andover to see me and pennski making an ass of ourselves in public, for money, then go to for ticket info (by the way, the matinee time is wrong - it starts at 3, not 2:30. Mutter)
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The second performance went very well, and P. was back, hoorah! We had a much more reactive audience who laughed at most of the right places (and as always some where you find yourself thinking: huh? Did I miss a joke somewhere?).

Just to explain, Tuesday night (the first performance) was the night when the gang of miscreants we refer to as 'The Chain Gang' turn up: in other words the Mayor of Andover and his or her (her this hear) fellow local mayors and hangers-on. They tend to be a quiet audience in general - they enjoy the music but you don't get too much laughter. My personal theory, for what it's worth, is that all that metal they have hanging around their necks absorbs the sound so they are really laughing but we can't hear them!

Anyway, my voice held up okay last night, though not perhaps as well as Tuesday. But today my throat has been much less sore and my voice less croaky so I think I'm finally on the mend.

At the dress rehearsal on Monday I took my camera with me and took over 400 photos (with the help of our chairperson who took my camera when I was on stage), which I may very well  inflict share a few of at some point.

In other news, the new windows are now finally in our loft (hoorah!) and as I type this can be heard the sound of the scaffolding being taken down!
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Today is Friday.

Sunday is the band call and tech rehearsal for Millie.

Monday is the dress rehearsal.

Tuesday to Saturday are the shows.

So guess whose developed a cough and sore throat in the last twenty-four hours? Yep, that would be me.

So I'm working from home for part of today and then probably going back to bed. Hopefully, given how long these things normally last with me, if I take it fairly easy today and tomorrow then my voice will be reasonably back to normal by Sunday.

Also this week [personal profile] pennskimanaged to end up with three stitches in her hand after slicing it on a broken piece of shower fitting at work! She's fine but being careful what she does with that hand for a few more days!

The show has actually come together very well despite all the issues, but I have never known a show like it for health and injury issues. A summary of the other issues:

1. Original director leaves after a few rehearsals due to illness and other commitments
2. Second director has to drop out due to cervical cancer (she's well on the way to recovery by the way)
3. One of our few men has to sing as little as possible due to throat problems
4. One member of the chorus breaks her leg and has to drop out
5. Our leading lady trips over at the rehearsal hall and breaks a foot bone (three weeks ago!). She's doing fine but in theory should actually have her foot in plaster...

Honestly, it's enough to make you superstitious!
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Sorry, been a little bit unposty lately again. No real reason, just not much to say.

We are now only three weeks away from Thoroughly Modern Millie. We ran through the second act in full for the first time last night and it was a bit traumatic. For some reason a section of dialogue which had never previously caused me any problems went completely to pieces. How cross with myself I was probably a reflection of how tired I was feeling. All better now.

I've now become totally fed up with the speed of our broadband - several evenings in the last few days it has been almost unusable; even downloading an album from iTunes, which normally takes a handful of minutes just kept on hanging yesterday. Initially I was inclined to blame the new Vista-running pc, but when I tried the downloads first thing in the morning it was absolutely fine, so it's definitely the connection.

After taking advice from someone much more pc-savvy at work I have decided to move us to BT Broadband. Yes I know some people have had some issues but it will definitely be better than the creaky we are on at the moment. So just a bit of advance warning that the '' email address is likely to disappear in a week or two. I'll post something more definite nearer the time.

In general the new PC is behaving well. The Vista interface is a bit meugh but I'm getting used to it. The only thing that is driving me a bit potty is the excessive security measures. Yes, I want the best protection from outside interference I can get. But the internal security is ridiculous - there is only one user of the pc. I want access to everything on the pc. But the number of times I've had to f**k about with security settings to move things about in my own pc is winding me up!
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I've just realised that I haven't posted anything besides the weight tracking stuff and responses to other people recently, so here's a quick 'hello!'

I'm afraid I am going to use work and rehearsals as an excuse again! Brain go 'fizz', and possibly 'pop'. Then stop altogether.

Other than that stuff, I've been doing some reading and a fair amount of gaming (which is what my brain tends to turn to if it's too tired for anything else).

But, hey, I'm working from home tomorrow while we await delivery of our brand spanking new coffee table, so I'll get a little bit of a lie in.

The next couple of months are going to be also busy but with some fun bits. Next week is a short week and then EasterCon (yay!), the week after that necessarily also being a short week. Then I've a couple of full weeks at work and it's off most of the week of My Fair Lady (yahoo!). Then it's only another couple of full weeks and it's time for WisCon (bloody marvelous!).

Oh yes, and Doctor Who starts again on Saturday. Bonus!

So I'm fine, generally not feeling depressed or anything like that. Just busy and tired!
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So another show over. By all accounts it seemed to go down well with the audience. And we had fun, which of course is the main thing.

There are a few photos behind cut )


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