Mar. 14th, 2011 09:05 pm
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So I was fairly incommunicado last week due to splitting the day between work and show - hence no new reviews in the last week or so. I knew it was fairly unlikely this week, but should be back on schedule again soon. I really do want to make this something I do regularly.

On which subject, I've actually registered the bookzombieblog domain, so www.bookzombieblog.com will go straight to my wordpress blog (it's a bit annoying that someone else grabbed 'bookzombie' first and has updated their blog exactly once since about 2007...)

 The show went very well in the end. Given the obscurity of the The Likes of Us (and the fact that, frankly it's not exactly LLoyd Webber and Rice's best score) I wasn't sure what the reception would be. As it was the audience really liked it, so it shows what I know!

There were a few problems (yes, I'm looking at you. Yes you: the person who had one solo verse in the entire show and managed to forget your words almost completely in the three of the five performances!) and a few people could have been a little less bossy, but it was also great to see some of the younger members of the cast coming out of their shells much more.

The next show is a concert in October, featuring music from shows mainly written since 1970. I've got my eye on 'Razzle, Dazzle' from Chicago - if I don't get that I will be most disappointed!

No further news on what is happening at work. From everything I've seen so far I don't think my job is under any immediate threat. I've also had a very strange day - someone from the legal department called me to do some investigations about something. It's all highly confidential so I can't really say anything more about it, but it was all a bit scary!

In exciting news, I've had my year off after the Clarke Awards and I'm going to be a judge for the 2010 Carl Brandon awards. I'm very excited and proud to be asked!
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So, dress rehearsal for Millie today, first performance tomorrow...and I have little voice. In fact this is the worst throat problem I've had for several years. Bah.

On the 'desperately trying to be upbeat' side, I feel less ill today than I did yesterday - just full'o'cold, so hopefully I'm on the mend.

So I'm trying to to talk as little as possible today (I'm planning to work from home from mid-morning), drinking prodigious amounts of water and I'm off the rest of the week so I can spend it all in bed if I need to! I'm also going to visit the pharmacist and get whatever the strongest cold medicine they have is! For once it doesn't matter if it makes me drowsy. And steaming is supposed to be good.

Yes, I am trying anything I possibly can!

AGMs ahoy

Feb. 23rd, 2007 08:43 am
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The operatic society had its AGM yesterday, which is normally something I will use any possible excuse to avoid, but since I have volunteered for the show-reading sub-committee we thought we'd better be supportive and tag along.

And actually it was a very pleasant experience. The reports were positive, the new committee election went smoothly and even a rather controversial amendment to the constitution went without any argument.

And there was a glass of wine at the end.

The society still faces some of the same problems (lack of men, money and orchestra pit) but the atmosphere was so much more upbeat than it was at the EGM we attended last May.
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So we had our opening night last night and, on the whole, it went very well.

I got my biggest mistake out of the way nice and early (a two-step box step turned into a one-step box step. I have never, ever got that wrong before!). I'll probably get something completely different wrong tonight...

My solos went well, particularly 'Mr Cellophane' and overall the audience (and yes, we did have one!) seemed to really enjoy it.

My family are coming tonight so I'm hoping not to screw up too much!
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...we will be performing in My Fair Lady.

Yes, we have had the vote on what the next major show is. The choice was between Calamity Jane, Guys and Dolls & My Fair Lady. While my vote was for Guys and Dolls (and it was a very close vote) I'm not too disappointed.

Though I would like to do Guys and Dolls before I'm so old that the only part I could play is the sententious older Salvation Army guy...


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