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At the after-show drinks last night, one of our members gave us all little key fobs with the text 'I survived Thoroughly Modern Millie'. It's amazing how appropriate that was!

Overall I am actually extremely pleased with how it went. My voice did not let me down too much and in fact several of the performances of 'Falling in Love with Someone' contained some of the best singing I've ever done in public (and I don't say that lightly - I really don't have a very high opinion of my voice much of the time). I think I gave a good performance - not too many fluffs of dialogue (I think I only got one minor line of dialogue actually wrong in a performance, but had a few hesitations across the week).

The down side of it for me was that I was quite ill throughout the run so most of the time when I should have been anticipating the enjoyment I ended up just trying to marshall my strength and desperately hoping that I would make it through. Even today I am not over the cold, with blocked-up ears and a bit of a cough.

We went out for a meal after the show last night and didn't get to bed until 2ish (way past our normal bed time!), slept through to about 10, had some breakfast and then we both fell asleep again!

Hey ho, time to start getting stuff ready for flying to WisCon on Wednesday then...!
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It's the techinical and dress rehearsal for the concert tonight.  I'm reasonably happy with where we are so hopefully having the microphones and band won't confuse things too much!

See you on the other side...
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So Crazy for You is over. It hasn't really sunk in yet - but I'm too busy to feel too depressed!

Over all it went very well. The audiences were not as great as we would have liked (location had a lot to do with it) but they were appreciative. I had a thoroughly good time - probably the most fun I've had putting a show together.

This week we vote for the next 'main' show that we will be doing this time next year and the week after that we start rehearsals for the autumn concert.

Still, it is nice to get another evening a week home again for a while - I might even start to catch up on some of the other things I want to do...
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So, 1 performance down, 5 to go!

As opening nights go, it wasn't at all bad. No major disasters, our missing cast member was there, feeling like death but bearing up and while the auditorium was not full, it was not a bad-sized audience and certainly appreciative.

I made one cock-up, moving an important prop that I really shouldn't have done. Much embarrassed apologies but no-one was seriously hurt by it!

Thanks for everyone's good wishes. Onwards!


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