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Short version: the labyrinthitis is not getting any better.

Long version: I still feel light-headed much of the time and sea-sick. The drugs are on are definitely helping (I forgot to take one at lunchtime yesterday - so I got first-hand experience of what it would be like if I wasn't taking them...) Today I finally gave up struggling through and took the day off work sick. I'm on leave anyway tomorrow and I've got another doctor's appointment Monday - which is when my current drug supply runs out - so we'll see what happens.

But the novelty has definitely worn off now :-(

[ profile] pennski has got a horrid 'flu-like thing going on as well (which triggered an asthma attack on Monday), so we are, officially, both falling apart!

On the positive side:
  • A box of sf magazines (and a book for p.) arrived from[ profile] desperance today!
  • I'm within grasping point of 100% completion for Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • There's been a lot of reading getting done this week :-)
  • I got my first payslip after my promotion!
  • Our new fridge-freezer is being delivered tomorrow. No more accidentally frozen food in the fridge!
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So I got my pills for the vertigo on Monday. Yes, like everything else they have a list of possible side-effects as long as my arm!

Anyway, I ended up working from home most of the week. I've been mainly okay as long as I sit still, but driving was very uncomfortable and the computer screen was also weird. The worst part of it is not really the vertigo, but the constant feeling of being sea-sick that goes with it!

Anyway, I'm not definitely starting to feel a bit more human. I admit that this hasn't been my most productive week ever; I've just been keeping things ticking over and playing lots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PS3 (finished the main story yesterday, now finishing off some of the side quests.)

We were thinking about going to the cinema today, but I'm feeling fairly light-headed again so maybe not...

On the mend, though!


Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:48 am
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Yep, I've been sick again this week. Another cold, accompanied by a bit of a fever and general exhaustion.

If you add the coughs and colds together with the back problems I have actually been ill more than I've been well since the middle of the year. It's got to the point where I found myself celebrating not feeling ill for, gosh, a whole two weeks!

At the risk of sounding terribly melodramatic, especially when I have friends with much, much more serious illnesses, I'm actually starting to get just a little bit anxious (which of course doesn't help either.) I don't understand why I keep being ill, though I guess in part it could be my immune system being a bit under par from stress - after all I've had no real stability in my working life for about three years now.

I'm tempted to go and see a doctor about it, but at the same time I feel terribly like I'm making an unnecessary fuss. But we have a doctor on call at work via our healthcare so maybe I should give them a ring...

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So I've been off work all this week with the cough from hell. I actually drove part way to work in Reading on Tuesday and had such an awful coughing fit that barely kept the car on the road and at the next opportunity I turned around and came back home again.

I phoned the doctor to sort out a sick note (for the first time in at least fifteen years, possibly longer) and he said that I actually had bronchitis - the coughing following on from a cold is a bit of a clue. And there's really nothing you can do about it except rest and wait for it to clear up. That part is taking its time; I'm not really feeling any better than I was a week ago - I get a few good hours maybe and then have some ferocious coughing fits. Anyway, back to work on Monday and see how I get on - I have a feeling that they might send me back home again! But we'll see.

The main reason I need to get better as soon as possible is that we are only just over three weeks away from Scrooge and with the number of rehearsals I've ended up missing I'm feeling really unengaged with it. We've got a rehearsal tomorrow (Sunday) and I'm planning on going along so I can at least catch up on some of the bits of 'setting' that I've missed or only done once. I doubt that I'll be able to do any actual singing, but at least I can get a reminder of where to stand.

So in the meantime I've spent a couple of weeks getting through Clarke award reading and playing computer games from the comfort of the living room sofa. I finished 'Star Ocean: The Last Hope' (verdict: better than many of the reviews seemed to think but still way too long) and played through 'Mini Ninjas' which was fairly slight but just about what my brain could cope with. And now, after a second attempt I've finally given up with 'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' on the Wii. There are things about it I like a lot but the nunchuck-controlled direction controls is just not working for me - I continually screw up the platforming and fighting sections because I just can't get the fineness of control that I need - it also leaves me with a slightly sea-sick feeling. I guess it's just me as others don't seem to have the problem!

I've also come to the end of Season 3 in my project to watch 'Alias' through from the beginning. It remains a) great fun and b) dumb as a very dumb thing. A great game to play is 'who is holding the idiot ball this week'...
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I saw the doctor today and he confirmed that I don't have a chest infection (which I didn't think I did) just an ordinary cough. Not, as he pointed out, that's much consolation for me...

On a positive note I called my manager, Gaurav, today to give him an update and asked him to let me know if there was anything I really needed to know about regarding work and his response was 'don't worry about work until you're better.' Have I said that I really like my current manager?!

Still sick

Oct. 28th, 2009 08:58 pm
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So I finally thought I was over all the long-running illness I've been enjoying. But alas it was not to be.

On Saturday we drove to Bristol for a signing at Forbidden Planet ([ profile] desperance , [ profile] la_marquise_de_ and [ profile] jemck ) and I was feeling a little chesty. By Sunday morning I was losing my voice and starting to cough (just to entertain the visiting [ profile] wrdnrd  & [personal profile] the_andy ).

I worked from home on Monday afternoon as I was pretty sure the coughing was really going to annoy my colleagues. And then the last two days I've been off. Again. And missed another rehearsal. I'd be surprised if I were to feel well enough for work tomorrow as well, given what I've been like today: I had to give my mum a lift home to Andover (a twelve mile round trip) and it completely exhausted me.

I think I've probably got what [ profile] pennski had: a post-viral cough - talking and dry air make it worse. I don't think it's a chest infection - any gunk I'm coughing up is clear. If I'm still as bad tomorrow I suppose I ought to see the doctor, just to be sure (and no, it's not swine flu. I've got a bit of a temperature - for me anyway; my baseline is around 35.5 rather than 37 - but not a particularly high one)

Can I just say how completely fed up I am with this now? I've got a show in just five weeks and it would be really, really nice if this all cleared up again before then.


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Well, health-wise I'm getting back to normal again now. Last night was the first night for a week when I did not wake up coughing at any point during the night. I'm hoping to go to the gym tomorrow...

But before we get too celebratory, [ profile] pennski now seems to be going down with a cold instead. Hopefully it will have cleared up before Christmas...

My short story, War Games, is now been submitted to a magazine. As I think I mentioned before, I'm not really feeling optimistic that I'll be able to sell it - first completed stories seldom do - but I'm fairly happy with it, it's out there and there is nothing I can do now apart from keep submitting it. Oh yes, and I've started another story - only a couple of hundred words so far, but it's a start!
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Yep, the cough is still not going away. It's been a bit of a miserable week frankly - last night was the closest I had to a full night's sleep for most of the week. I've being exiling myself to the sofa the last few days so my coughing doesn't keep [ profile] pennski awake. Luckily we have a very comfortable sofa!

I think it is gradually starting to get better but it is taking its own sweet time about it.

Worst in some ways is because of this, and the cold I had a couple of weeks earlier and the course that came in between, I haven't been to the gym for nearly three weeks now. I've only put on a couple of pounds (could be worse) but I'm starting to feel out of shape again. Bleurgh.
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Well, I went to work yesterday, spent the first three hours or so coughing and got sent home by my boss. How cool is that? I confessed that the only reason that I'd come in at all was because I'd only had a day sick less than 2 weeks earlier and felt guilty...

I'm in that stage of having a cough were if I don't speak and don't lie down I'm okay, but otherwise I start coughing uncontrollably. Hence I didn't get to sleep until gone 3am this morning. When the alarm went off at 6:10 I concluded that I wouldn't be going anywhere today ([ profile] pennski is away visiting old friend with new baby overnight). I've not been doing too bad today so providing I get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight I should be okay for work tomorrow - especially as my car is being picked up for a service and my team is going out for their Christmas lunch. Frankly this whole thing is starting to get me down a bit, especially as I'm going to miss yet another rehearsal tonight. Bah.

On a cheerier note, the Christmas tree is now up - we have photographs (especially for [ profile] littlebutfierce) which I will post when [ profile] pennski returns with the camera.

Oh yes, and you may have noticed that my LJ now has a title: The Inner Child Keeps on Growing. This is a comment [ profile] ddothill said to me at Mum's 'do' on Saturday. No, I can't remember exactly what it is I did to provoke it, but it seems appropriate enough!
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Okay I admit that was misleading! I don't mean I've been looking in the mirror and going 'eugh' (although I did look in the mirror today before I shaved and thought 'my god, I'm looking like my dad'!)- though I will be if I don't get back to gym sometime soon - but my body's current tendency to pick up every illness going at the moment.

Yes, I'm ill again. I got over the last cold fairly quickly but woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, by Friday lunchtime was feeling like crap and Friday evening had a nice temperature which has continued into today. I was supposed to be taking [ profile] pennski to my work Christmas 'do' Friday evening but that didn't happen.

Today (Saturday) we are going to my mum's sixtieth birthday party and this is a three line whip - there's no way I'd get away with not going to that! Having slept half the afternoon I'm feeling a little more human now and I'm just about to have a bath which will help!


Dec. 2nd, 2005 10:08 am
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Yep, so I've got another cold. Felt rotten all day Wednesday and ended up spending Thursday in bed. And I slept about two-thirds of the day, which probably indicates that I needed the day off! The weather was spectacularly miserable - high winds and pouring rain almost all day - but there is something quite comforting about lying in bed, feeling slightly out of it with ferocious weather outside.

Anyway, today was booked as holiday anyway, so I'm not doing what I was planning to do today (trip to charity shop and bottle bank, perhaps making a start on the Christmas shopping) but I'm going to have another lop around the house day.

Incidentally, I'm also waiting for a delivery but of what, I don't know. We had a message on the answer phone a couple of days ago from someone who had been trying to make a delivery for two weeks but hadn't been able to find us! I know we don't have numbers on the wall (yet anyway; we've got them ready to put up) but the address is 'The Bungalow', 27 whatever. Next door is 25, we have a plate saying 'The Bungalow'. Not rocket science, surely!

I guess the delivery might be a birthday present from my brother-in-law, given he seems, unusually, to have forgotten it. So we've been thinking 'Allan's forgotten' while he's probably been thinking 'why haven't I had a thank-you call?'! Hey, ho!

Of course, we might have known what was going on a bit earlier if we had replaced our answer phone (we went broadband a few weeks ago and our old digital answer phone didn't like it - and yes, before anyone asks, we did have a filter on the line). No doubt one of my more technically-oriented friends will be able to tell me why ([ profile] whumpdotcom, [ profile] the_magician?)


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