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So, on top of the various illness-related posts (stomach problems now gone, but welcome back to Mr Cough...!) something very nice and unexpected happened to me last night.

The backstory: the musical & operatic society we perform with had a Christmas Ball, which was in itself great fun. But we also had a little award ceremony; people had been given the opportunity to vote in various categories based on the last five shows we've done (My Fair Lady, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Pajama Game, The King and I and Scrooge).

And I won an award!

I got the Best Male Solo Song award for 'The Speed Test' in Thoroughly Modern Millie (for those who don't remember me talking about this before it is a patter song to the tune of 'My Eyes are Fully Open' from Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore, and for the final verse the music contains the instruction 'To be sung as fast as humanly possible'!)

I can't tell you how chuffed I am by this; the respect of your peers is difficult to beat. I know that I don't have the most beautiful voice in the society but I do know how to put a song over, and it was lovely to see this acknowledged.

Of course the whole awards thing was intended to be a bit of fun and not something we should do too often - otherwise people will start to take it too seriously - but I'm really pleased nevertheless!
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I am gradually learning that there are some things not to buy over the internet, electronic equipment being the thing that springs to mind right now.

Rant behind cut )

On a more positive note, a quick recommendation: if you have the chance seek out the film In Her Shoes. It came in and out of cinemas here in the blink of an eye, not helped by the trailer that made it look like a bog-standard rom-com/chick flick (not that I don't enjoy the odd rom-com or chick flick I hasten to add) but it is a much more interesting film than that. It is directed by Curt Hanson who made the excellent adaptations of both L.A. Confidential and Wonder Boys.

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So, my pessimism was unfounded, Crazy for You is going on in April, so no unsightly clashes!

Alas, P. was not able to make the introduction as she has gone down with a bit of a lurgi, but I enjoyed myself anyway. I can't remember the last time a group of people have been so pleased to see me (have I mentioned that the society is always perilously short of men?)! I was also much complemented on the new, slim-line look (two years ago I was a couple of stone heavier!).

The show looks like being a great deal of fun, but very hard work - it is a big dance musical and we have 4 weeks less rehearsal time than normal. So, no pressure!

I'm almost tempted to audition for the lead, Bobby, but he needs to be a good tap dancer. I'm an okay tap dancer, but a long way from having 'good' on the CV!

Anyway, should be fun!


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