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 So I had my check-up with an ENT specialist this morning. So what we know from that:

1. It's not actually labyrinthitis - symptoms aren't right
2. The very good news: I don't have to worry about the 'C' or 'T' words - it's not a tumour or cancer.I admit that I had been trying very hard not to think about that possibility!
3. My balance, blood pressure and hearing are all fine.
4. I can stop taking the pills - although they took the edge of the nausea they were masking the symptoms from my own body so it didn't know it needed to fix anything (something like that anyway, not sure I really understood that bit...)
5. I'm okay to drive - although the doctor recommended that I work up to the hour+ drive to work

What we don't know:
1. What it is. All we can say for sure is that it's a virus of some kind.
2. How much longer it will last. It is almost certain to be 'self-limiting': in other words it will go away on its own eventually. How about now? Now would be good...

One thing he did say is that problems like this could come from stress or anxiety. While, as anyone who knows me will be aware, I'm easily stressed, my life right now is much less stressful than it's been for, literally, years. So my question would be: if it is anxiety, why now and not the last three-plus years about worrying about redundancy, etc. I'm not writing off the possibility, but it would be odd.

Next steps
1. The doctor is going to arrange some further, more intensive balance tests - but that's going to take a few weeks to set up
2. Wait for it to go away

Anyway, overall it's good news - there really is nothing serious wrong - but frustrating that there isn't any real diagnosis either.
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Back to work today after taking several days off sick last week to rest up. Not my most successful attempt at resting up it has to be said as what we reckon is stress-related insomnia kicked in instead. Sigh.

So anyway, back working from home today and as soon as I started using the pc to read and write text the yuckiness kicked in again.  Double sigh.

I'm back on the tablets which are definitely taking the edge off the nausea, but it's very hard to describe quite how weird my head feels. At the risk of TMI, it's almost like my eyeballs are being pulled back into my head and I lost a bit of focus, plus a sort of itching/tingling feeling around the temples. All very strange.

[ profile] pennski is giving me a lift into the office tomorrow as I've got a meeting I must attend (unless I don't sleep tonight) but then I'm going to work from home the rest of the week. I've got an ENT appointment at Winchester hospital on Friday to check everything out. I'm not actually expecting it to achieve anything other than confirming the diagnosis, but you never know.

I have to say, though, that people at work have been very supportive. My new boss has been fantastic, my new recruit has done a good job of picking up the slack (which is also useful to prove what she can do!) and one of the people I recruited in my previous role IM'd me today to check how I was and we had a lovely chat. I'm not ruling out the possibility that I may have to take some more sick before this is all over, which is annoying given that my sick record is not great this year, but sometimes you've just got to...

But the novelty has really worn off now - I just need to feel that I'm starting to get better. Bah!
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I finally seem to have almost got over my cough - just a bit of a sore throat left. I also had a sore shoulder and upper back for a few days (felt like a trapped nerve) but that seems to be more or less better this morning. All that's left now is the lovely cut above my eye that I gave myself on Saturday by bending down in the bathroom and colliding with the metal key in the door lock. Have I mentioned that I'm a bit clumsy sometimes?!

Alas,[info]pennski is now the unwell one. On Sunday Naamen, a friend from the US (from the WisCon posse) stopped off for a few hours, which was fantastic. But we went out to the local (usually very good) indian restaurant at the bottom of the hill for lunch - they didn't seem to be terribly geared up for people actually coming in - and later in the afternoon p. started to show the unmistakable signs of food poisoning. The poor thing had a very uncomfortable evening and is spending the day today in bed.

Positive stuff: those in the UK around my age may remember a children's fantasy series from the seventies called Sky. Network DVD have now finally released this on DVD so I finally have the chance to watch the whole thing (I'm certain I didn't catch all of them.) At the same time I also picked up King of the Castle (another series of around the same vintage also written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin) and the complete Ghosts of Motley Hall.

There are also less than two weeks until the auditions for Scrooge, so I've got some stuff to learn!

Work has picked up a bit so I've got some stuff to do, hoorah!

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So after my couple of days leave (and the bank holiday) I've now been off work sick for the last two days with a cold. Just the usual thing I get: a couple of days of fever, headaches, sore throat, blocked-up ears, etc.

Today I'm feeling less sick (I ate some breakfast today!) but more tired and my concentration levels are quite low, but I'm reasonably optimistic that if I'm feeling a similar amount of better tomorrow then I'll probably be back at work. We'll see.

In the meantime, one thing I've noticed recently: my normal body temperature isn't normal. We have had several thermometers of different types (electronic and mercury) and they have been consistent: my normal body temperature is around 35.9 C, not the usual 37 C. So yesterday, when mine was showing 36.9 C this was actually high for me. The places I've looked talk about the normal range going down to around 36.2 C. Does anyone else have this issue? (As a side issue this apparently has an influence, or is influenced by, your metabolism which may help explain why I put on weight just looking at food!)
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The curse of the work Christmas Party strikes again.

Last year P. was sick and couldn't go to mine and neither of us ended up going to hers.

The year before I was sick and didn't go to either.

My 'do' is tonight and P. had to go home sick part way through the day, so I'm going by myself. People are going to start thinking that she doesn't exist again...

I also had 28 Days Later moment this afternoon. I deliberately took a late lunch so that I could do a bit of shopping in town. I arrived back in the office to find my floor (200-odd people) completely deserted

Of course the actual explanation was quite prosaic: it turns out that there was a fire alarm and I just got in ahead of everyone else being let back into the building. But just for a moment...


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