Mar. 20th, 2016

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I'm still waiting on the results of the OUP interview. I've chased the agent but they've not heard anything either. I'm kinda over it now? Does that make sense? What I mean is that I'm starting to not really care whether I get it or not, which is not a great place to be I think.

Also, I've got a few more possibilities out there now, including a System Analyst Team Lead role based in Basingstoke which pays slightly better than OUP, but is maybe 30 minutes away, not up to a hour and a half. Also a London-based Salesforce Solutions Architect role, which pays considerably better and will also teach me very useful new skills (not that I've got high expectations of that one.) Some other bits and pieces as well. Honestly, as long as I've got something bubbling under then I'm not getting too stressed.

In the meantime I'm still enjoying my break most of the time. Most of the windows in the house have had a good clean for the first time in ... some time. I've also started doing some tidying up of the BookCat catalogue - concentrating on making sure that everything has the right version of the cover. This is a surprisingly large task! I'm in the process of taking photos of batches of books from the shelves and then checking against what bookcat has automatically updated. But this is one of the sorts of things where my geeky side really comes out!

I am also playing through Bloodborne, by the people who brought you the Dark Souls games. And where I really struggled to remain engaged in Dark Souls  - the difficultly level broke me - I'm enjoying my playthrough of Bloodborne. It doesn't mean that I don't want to throw the handset at the PS4 sometimes...! (I'm been watching a very entertaining 'Let's Play' of Dark Souls from the Extra Credits folks. It's really entertaining and the main player, Dan, is very laid back and there's no laddish swearing. In the first few episodes James, the team's Game Designer was sitting in to talk about the design choices. Recommended, if that's your sort of thing. Link to first episode here:


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