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I've now realised that a new recurring dream has crept into my repertoire over the last year or two.

In this dream we are staying in a hotel, often in the US, and there is a convention of some kind going on. What we are doing during the time there varies but the recurring bit is this:

It is almost the end of the last day we are there and I turn to 

[personal profile] pennski and point out that we have not visited the dealers' room all the time we've been there and it is now too late!

Anyone who knows me at all will know that this never happens!

In other news I know have a FaceBook and I'm starting to acquire friends. Not sure quite what to do with it yet...


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I'd just like to post a quick 'thank you' to [ profile] imnotandrei for his advice last night. To explain:

I was having my recurring dream of returning to university, wandering around the campus thinking about studying physics.

But my phone rang and it was [ profile] imnotandrei suggesting to me that perhaps I might consider studying Librarianship instead...

I have a strange mind sometimes!
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In that later part of last night I was in one of those confusing dreams where something exciting was going on, but you were aware that it wasn't real. So there was this bunch of sort of 'Arabian Nights' bad guys in a cave.

And their leader was played by Alexander Siddig (ex-Star Trek:DS9 cast member and generic 'swarthy foreigner' in many British T.V. series these days). I dunno, I just find it slightly weird that a)my dream mind had cast him in the sort of roles he normally plays these days and b)that my dream mind also was aware that it was Alexander Siddig in the role...


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