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This one from [personal profile] phredd:

Which was your first Doctor?

I'm guessing you mean as in Doctor Who here, not my first physician!

I was born the year that Patrick Troughton took over, but the first Doctor I remember seeing was the third, Jon Pertwee.

In fact my earliest Doctor Who memory is, I'm pretty sure, something from Day of the Daleks, which makes it January 1972 and I would have been five years old.

Oddly we never seem to have been regular watchers of Doctor Who during that time. The next memory I have is of a small scene from The Sea Devils, two serials later and then nothing until The Three Doctors at the beginning of the following season, which is the first I am sure I saw in full. Then looking through the rest of the Jon Pertwee era, I remember seeing all of Carnival of Monsters, nothing of Frontier in Space, all of Planet of the Daleks, bits of The Green Death, all of the next season, apart from absolutely nothing of The Monster of Peladon.

Even when we get into the Tom Baker era, which was when I would have started to consider myself a fan, I think I only saw the first episode of Robot and one or two episodes of The Ark in Space. But then it was a complete run from The Sontaran Experiment through to The Face of Evil. I'm sure I didn't see all of The Robots of Death, but I did see all of The Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Horror of Fang Rock. After that there seems to be a few holes again, though I probably watched most of the stories.

So there you go, probably a fuller answer than you really wanted!


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